I’m getting late 80’s Airwalk “Sorry, these are the only colour left in your size” feeling looking at these


(got them for xmas, wanted the red and white ones, got these instead, did not wear them much as kids around where I lived were very cruel indeed)


Or, “No, these ones are half the price, so you can have those instead”. For me it was these:


I wanted Airwalk Enigmas, 540s or 720s, but they were all too pricey so I ended up with Vics, and i fucking loved them


Had some Airwalk Ones which were two sizes two small and made my feet bleed and also a pair of these NTS which lasted so long I might as well have just had a bit of car tyre strapped to my foot. Big time value for money.

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Haha. Sale section, check! Fuckers lasted a good year until they got cut down. Skated to death :smile:


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Tagging @BvS so we don’t have a repeat of this again.


Aside from the amount of rubber up front I actually kinda like these

Least from the side view

Found a picture of roughly 12 year old me wearing this exact pair about 2 hours ago, that’s so weird

For some reason I now feel compelled to join in on the Airwalk confession session…

I had a pair of these and borrowed a Stanley knife in the shop and cut the lace savers off before I’d even been outside in them. Hensley looked dope in them when he was skating that black jump ramp like a quarter.

I saw a photo of me wearing an LA cap, a Thrasher Julian front board handrail tee and some Stussy chino shorts…unfortunately the fit was ruined by those stinkers on my feet. I think I was back into Fastbreaks after that.

Had these and they felt like 2 sizes too big. Soles went through before any visible wear anywhere else. They were good source of material to fix up shoes for a good couple of years after though.

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Me on the left here, with another pair of third-or-fourth-choice Airwalk. Canvas grey ‘Heartburn’, with the lacesaver. As is clear, my mate got all the good shit.


Just dropped in on sneakersnstuff shoreditch

Fuck me, sneakers are so boring these days. Same old shit. Dunks, AM1s, NB dad shoes and sambas. That was about it. Quite surprised at how uninspiring it all was. Not itching to buy anything but literally nothing stood out. Just variations on a very played out theme, and I don’t exactly live anywhere trendy atm

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At least you matched him on the pop swatch

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That one was a pink strap with ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ on it. Didn’t like it at the time, but when I found out that was the name of a Beatles song, fucking hell. He had a triple black one, the fucker.

Tis the way of the world these days :smiling_face_with_tear:

Still hurts, eh buddy?

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After skating whatever colour shoes I could afford in the sale for years, to finally get some legit, pimp-all-black-Death-Star-esque ones was the dream. I remember they were in a box in a cupboard for weeks before I was allowed them and I just used to sit and stare at them or walk up and down the lounge in them imagining what they’d be like to skate in. Little me was totally stoked. And they were ok actually, like a Half Cab with a tractor tyre on the front.


I had the yellow NTS. There’s a photo somewhere.

I’m just really, really into shoes and watches now. Unrelated.

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