Tis the way of the world these days :smiling_face_with_tear:

Still hurts, eh buddy?

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After skating whatever colour shoes I could afford in the sale for years, to finally get some legit, pimp-all-black-Death-Star-esque ones was the dream. I remember they were in a box in a cupboard for weeks before I was allowed them and I just used to sit and stare at them or walk up and down the lounge in them imagining what they’d be like to skate in. Little me was totally stoked. And they were ok actually, like a Half Cab with a tractor tyre on the front.


I had the yellow NTS. There’s a photo somewhere.

I’m just really, really into shoes and watches now. Unrelated.

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I did have a pair of the Red, White & Black Prototypes, but second choice pair of Vics here - wanted black, ended up with black & brown fleck. Must have had the lace saver cut off and been dyed black by this point.

I was definitely trying hard to channel Ron Allen here, but can’t remember if this is claimable.


I’m so glad I started later on when shoes looked cool and had way less rubber on the sides…



I had some of those, Rees gave them to me, he didn’t even want any money. They were impossible to skate in so they were snow shoes for a few years.

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Just a little skid or two on a board would have been nice.

I had some airwalks around 2005 they weren’t too bad can’t find a picture of them anywhere but they were some low top vulcs

They ended up becoming a casualty to my 12 yr old self as I got curious and cut them to shreds

I believe I had some when I was way younger as well but this was long before skating came along

I had them too! Nobody wanted that colour haha.

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Natas can make anything look good.

You know, they don’t look too bad worn versus the pic above

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What was Natas involvement with Vita? Just the graphic designer for the ads?

That, and these:


Hearing that pro b’s will be coming back next spring (2025)