Your guess is as good as mine but I think it’s down to the newer designs pretty much not selling (take a look at any new models on the Nike website if you dare and they’ll always end up on sale) and models like the 95/Tn’s being the choice of the teenagers going for a certain look so you can understand why many more average Joe’s are going for NB, On, Asics, almost anything else now.

Some of the Jordan’s now are absolutely horrendous too:

skateboarding no longer listed if you ‘shop by sport’ on nike website. Is listed under ‘Men’ as ‘Nike SB’ and the range has been massively cut down

Context is a few years ago I remember going on nike site and skate being all over the frontpage, they couldn’t get enough of it


Wonder if they’ll exit. Unlikely I guess, someone in Nike will be doing the math tho haha.

Was not impressed with the Ishod 1’s I had, awful things. Same with my sons school ‘shoes’ - had to return the first two pairs due to QC issues.

A shoe made from the off cuts bin by the looks of it

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Don’t mind the design or shape, it’s the 90s xmen colourway that’s making it look a bit childish


Actually I take that back, a different colour doesn’t help and the tongue looks much puffier in these pics than in yours. I also don’t like what they’ve done with the logo. It’s like a condensed stretched version and it looks odd

That’s got me thinking of 1980s Lego catalogues with the colours of those.


They (Nike) did the same thing with surfing and snowboarding. Downsizing their involvement with skateboarding isn’t that much of a surprise.

I guess it’s possibly the popularity of Dunks, (initially with sneakerheads and then later every fucking Tom, Dick and Harry) that propped it up and had the run last so long in comparison with surf / snow. :man_shrugging:

I suppose it depends on what you want them for but I have had a couple of pairs of Mizuno Daichi wave GTX, one 7 and one 8, trail runners. You know, for actually trail running in. They certainly won’t get you any style points as they’re not exactly pretty but they work, are relatively comfortable* and don’t let water in.

*I tweaked my knee a while back and haven’t skated in over six weeks because of it. Just been surfing, swimming and messing about in boats so I haven’t worn shoes at all for all that time. Prior to that I had done a good stint of only wearing shoes for skating and riding my bike, spending the rest of the time barefoot. Just been cultivating me some hobbit feet.

That was until I had a dental check up appointment last week and thought I better put shoes on for it. I wore NB runners for about an hour and, man, I hate wearing shoes now, they’re so damn uncomfortable. I think I’m going to have a problem when I feel ready to hop back on my skateboard again. Lee Ralphing it doesn’t really lend itself to flat ground and ledges.

I think the problem for Nike and Vans is the numbers. A lot of people watch sport - the audience for the Euro finals on Sunday is going to be huge. But a lot fewer people actually do sport on a regular or serious basis. Of those who do, a lot are going to be gym people, runners and members of amateur sports teams. The number of people skating to the extent that they want or need technical skate shoes is pretty low, in the scheme of things. There are times when the skate look is cool so Vans sell a lot of Old School models to people who’ve never stepped on a board. But there are times when different looks are in fashion, so sales of skate shoes fall. It’s the problem with being part of a niche sport.


From Oski’s insta story.

Are these new FC’s?

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Yep started dropping here last week in the us

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Okaaaay let’s go. I had some mad Brazil colourway ones I skated in first time round

Edit: These! :joy:

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That’s the Inter Milan colourway no?

Are they actual FCs?

Or are the the FC classic shit they did before?


Remember that guy who came on here hawking his website for swapping single shoes with other people who skate the opposite stance to you


White (summit white) pair is full suede definitely will be grabbing a pair of those when they hit discount

Aren’t they the Norwich City colour way?

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Photo before haha

Not the original sole so it’s a pass from me

Same :broken_heart:

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