Still my current favourite. Banging shoe.

Totally agree, which is what makes that colourway such an absolute shambles.

I get it, but I don’t like it.

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That’s a good one. I need to get me some of those. I’ve had about 10 pairs of Accel Slim now, and love me some red shoes!!

Why the Berrics link?
Diverting traffic


Just was what came up on my phones news feed. Couldn’t be arsed to locate it elsewhere.

That’s how Xenu wins


The Longer! Rad.
I’m gonna try the biggest ollie I can do this weekend.


Are these squash shoes following on from golf shoes?

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Looking like the last Gosha ones.

Those adidas look like they’d be amazing to skate in

Not the best colourway, a Black with White striped and Gum sole would look sick

Close enough?

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These look pretty sick

White canvas or leather please

Totally agree

They don’t look like anything special at all. More like any standard vintage shoe to be honest.

But a Purcell chukka.

That line on the toe reminds me of froggie wellies.

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