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I just picked up all my old magazines from my parents house and I was thinking on the way home if it would be possible to scan them and host the pdfs online.

Think I have a scanner/printer at work that may be able to make these happen, I will need to cut the spines off so effectively will destroy each issue to preserve it in digital format.

I will give this ago ASAP and report back if it worked. If it does, I will keep archiving what I have here when I have free time.

Will the new owners try and do me for copyright laws etc?

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I’d be surprised if there were any legal repercussions, especially since you aren’t monetising it, but that is one hell of a task

Much respect if you manage it

221 issues, oof (plus the Redux). Maybe talk to BaF, he is in the magazine scanning game.

Good luck.

I’m hoping the scanner will scan all sides and all I have to do is play with the res and sort them in order into a pdf… Nothing ever goes that easy but I will test this out.

Should probably rename the thread to “Attempted Sidewalk Archive”

Would be ace to not have to destroy each issue, I need to do some more research possibly!

Its a mammoth task but if it works il give it a good go!

A standard scanner is a bit too small for SW pages, you’d need a bigger one. Also scan at 300 dpi not 72 to avoid distortion, then save a smaller version if needed. If you ever do attempt it! Quite a mission.

Good spot! It’s an oversized scanner so I’m hoping I can get away with it with the spines cut off

A bit off topic, but seems the perfect thread. Has there been any rumours or rumblings about about what’s happing with Sidewalk now? Someone must of had a reason for acquiring it?

Hasn’t been updated for a year now, by the looks of things. Maybe someone is banking on the Olympics generating new general public interest in skateboarding and relaunch off the back of that?

Possibly going to be able to get my hands on some pdfs of later issues. Will keep the thread updated on progress…


In the meantime, could always follow… Ya know.

Operation scan failed I’m afraid.

Cutting the spine off and getting it to feed into the scanner worked but the scanner got pissed off about 14 pages in and either had a melt down or pulled in a few pages at a time.

I think it can’t keep up with scanning to the usb constantly too.

I have found a scanner that’s made for this, it even has built in focus and straightens pages out. Also is duplex so does both sides and puts them into order to output the pdf instantly, it’s also A3.

I don’t intend on buying one right now, but never say never, I put all my mags in the loft incase the day comes!

How much is the scanner ? I’ll chuck in £3.50 towards it to scan through some old issues :sunglasses:

I have a decent scanner but i’ll be fucked if i’m gonna stand in front of it for 3 days straight. You’re welcome to drive up to the Midlands and use it if you really want to do this? Also have a proper guillotine to snip the spines off neatly. Will probably do 15 issues in one go.

Fuck has anyone got the issue with my ‘Producers’ in, pretty sure thats 192, and the SS20 Shopkeepers one. (Issue 209, just checked!) I’ve lost both and would really like them to show my boy one day.


Yo Ned il check when I’m home if I have them, il wack em in the post if i have!

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Thanks Trench. Hope alls good with the little one.

Yeah all chillin man! How you all gettin in?

Just checked and I haven’t got them, which means I must has another stash at my parents! I will check again!

The spine on issue 59 says


Il holla back if I get a new deck and some random distributors stickers!

Slightly related note - If anyone remembers on the old forum when the subject of a UK skate library came up, I made an attempt at getting it going. Well in a few months I may be able to get hold of some money to put into the idea, cover the cost of shipping etc. So don’t throw out your old mags just yet everyone. I’ve got over half of all the Sidewalks already so doing ok.
@neddy I’ve got two copies of issue 209, I can send you one if you want

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