Skate Dreams

Do you ever have skate dreams?

Fairly frequently ill have dreams travelling to new places (which I used to do quite often). Usually the spots are an amalgamation of real and imaginary spots. Other boarders real and imaginary make cameos

The best/worst ones are when you dream you can do a trick. Last night I dreamt I could backside powerslide for miles, it was awesome. Now I’m sad that if I tried it for real I’d eat the floor

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2 or 3 nights ago I dreamt that I did a line that I could do but I did it faster than I would have done it in real life and it felt awesome because it was equally realistic and dreamy, if that makes sense.

Many times.

All the time. There is always something really odd about them though. Usually I can’t skate very well as I have no wheels or the board is flimsy like paper, but I still try and skate.
If I skate amazing in a dream, it’s always on someone elses board I see in the street. I go to Barca alot in skate dreams but not to skate but am looking at all the insane spots and have go’s on peoples boards and just go mental, landing mad stuff. Barca never looks like barca, it’s more like a EA skate level x100.

When I dream ollie, the whole board bends and tail hits the ground before the front wheels lift up. :thinking:

I’m always disappointed when I can’t do the tricks I’ve learnt in my dreams.

Havn’t had a skate dream in a long time, see the slams I’ve had could make a good man bad.

Last night I dreamt I was an actor on a live set Stars Wars play (on an epic scale). We were on a snow planet, aboard a sci-fi train and a ship had just crashed on the tracks.

The night before I was in a fancy pizza place, that had these rare black and white horses that walked around. One of the horses went mental and started attacking all the customers.

Not gonna lie voodoo, you have some weirdass dreams. You should write them down or something

All the time and it makes me sad because in them I always have really dope tricks on lock.

I’ll be cruising around doing really floaty tre flips every time, and then I wake up to remember I’ve only ever landed 3 tre flips in 18 years of skating.

Lol thread is delivering some weirdness. I don’t know how you guys remember them so well. I can generally only remember a little bit

I had a part skate dream too. A few people, mates etc found this long flat kinked rail into mud so a few tried it but kept jumping off and getting dirty, I couldn’t try it for some reason, my board was either not there or something wrong with it. Suddenly jumped to being chased across our old school fields in the snow by a group of angry old dudes.

Sure I’ve woken myself up flinching as though I’ve acted out physically popping tricks in my sleep.

yeah, hanging up on curbs/kerbs quite often

Last night dreamed I could hold really long crooks all of a sudden. Managed to nollie flip and nollie heel out of them too, although even if my dream they were flops and bounced off the floor…

Last night I dreamed I was Pharrell Williams, I skated pretty well in the heats of some competition then tried to make friends with other celebrities by offering them cigarettes but none of them smoked so nobody wanted to hang out with me. Poor Pharrell.


I always dream that I’m skating the benches at Sants in Barca doing 180 fakie crooks and switch backtails. The other one I get is a park setting but it’s ridiculously haggard, almost like the quarry area in Skate 3. All natural rock and rusty makeshift copings, flytipped fridges repurposed into ledges and stuff like that.

Just like Mush I get the twitches as well.

Weird one, can’t remember it all now but Rory Milanes was in it. Palace was doing a tour and they did a rip of the Alva logo with the 3 slashes and it said ‘Palva’ and the team were all trying to skate pools

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Last night I had a lucid dream, the ones where you know you’re dreaming. I knew I was dreaming because at some point I was doing waist high ninja kickflips where my back foot was higher than my front foot and I could hear the catch.

I thought to ‘hang on, my kickflips were always shit… Cool! I’m dreaming!’ so I started flipping in and out of BS Smith grinds. Became a game to see how high I could kickflip before landing in a grind. Good times.


Love em, land everything , remember the foot positions for when I wake up. Is that the same for you ?
I see my tricks in a combination of POV and birds eye view. So weird but rad.

Unfortunately those foot and body positions don’t transfer to reality . Of course .

@buildafire can you get rid of the account two posts up please.

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