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Timeless that one :pray:t2:

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Damn didn’t know BtO was still going, I used to read that and YWS regularly, must’ve been over 10 years ago.

Who was the guy that wrote articles about random nonsense in Sidewalk for a while? I remember one where he laid out a plot to steal the top half of the Eiffel Tower.


Dave Bevan?
He used to do a bunch of crazy story led zines. From Nottingham, went as ‘beast man goat’ as I remember.
Good dude

Shoots photos for Dogpiss mag now.

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Doesn’t ring a bell but maybe, might come back to me later

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Bevan does the Happy Going Nowhere zine as well. Top guy and always up to something creative.


Under the alias “uncle someone”, wasn’t it?
The Eiffel Tower heist plan was a cracker.

From what I remember:
Do it on New Year’s Eve when the tower is always lit-up with fireworks.

Start a fireworks company and get the contract to plan the Eiffel Tower display, then use the cover of the sparks and explosions to mask the fact that you’re chopping the top 3rd off the tower with angle-grinders.

Then, in the early hours of the morning (when folk are all either too drunk to notice, sleeping, or away at an indoor party), dismantle the top part of the tower into manageable sections which you load into many different “New Year’s Day Refuse Collection” trucks (again, your company). Send these trucks away in lots of different directions, with each truck unaware of where the others are off to. Then bury the bits, or stow them in haylofts or something.

It would be more of an indignity to the French nation to lose the top 3rd of their tower than for the whole thing to go (a big insult to the implicit phallic symbolism so central to Parisian pride). So you can claim a massive ransom cos only you know where all the pieces are buried.


no idea why that was in a skate mag but I thought it was ace.

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That’s the one!


Ah if that’s who you meant then yes, the man behind it is still around. Saw him recently (ish) at Street League (lol). From what I remember he values his anonymity but does occasionally post on here (or possibly just the OG/cundall interim forum) under the Uncle Someone name. He is a fantastic writer.


I’m just going to happily assume it’s Tom Penny


Fuck it, seen as requested… Most of my stuff is Q&A based but when there’s an opportunity to do more longform storytelling, I always really enjoy it. You don’t get it that often in skating and I think the reason why is because longform creates a certain - somewhat serious tone - which most skateboarders’ stories/interviews wouldn’t translate well to.

Anyway, this Jon Mehring piece on Jake Johnson, even though it’s Q&A, has a lengthy prelude in that vein.

This profile on Greg Hunt is one my favourite interviews, ever.

And I wrote about Dylan’s Gravis part for this Quartersnacks thing last year, which features a bunch of really great writers. Boil The Ocean’s piece on AVE is banging.


Sporadically, GQ has some of the most enjoyable skate writing I’ve ever read. Their style editor skates, a dude called Noah Johnson, and he’s really good at telling a skate-based story in a professional, journalistic - alongside making skateboarding accessible/understandable to people who don’t skate without dumbing it down to the point where it would alienate a skater.

Also by the same guy:


This piece Build wrote for the recent Slam X Vans collab is really insightful and thought it was clever how used scans of images, related to the story through tangents, to help tell it. It worked seamlessly too.

This side project of Anthony ‘The Writer’ Pappalardo is updated pretty frequently and has a good ‘current affairs’ approach through a skateboarding lens.

His more interview based-stuff is great too. As is everything he writes.

Kyle Beachy (who wrote the Free piece on Jason Jessee a while ago, and co-hosts Vent City) also has a similar-ish, verbose approach like Boil The Ocean, albeit not as lighthearted. This essay on Reynolds ran as an early Jenkem piece and it’s really, really good.

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That’s really the only piece on Supreme that’s ever been good enough

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