Skateboards for me and my 6 year old

Looks like i will adhere to all the rules and look the part then immediately fall flat on my face.

‘All the gear and no idea’ :rofl: :rofl:


I back this message

Just remember, there’s no rules to skateboarding other than all the unspoken rules to skateboarding

Edit. I see this fact has already been pointed out

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But other than not pushing mongo (which also practically makes life more difficult than pushing properly) or carrying the board by the trucks, no ones going to care.

Just have fun, fall over, try it again


Thanks for the link to the other thread. Interesting stuff.

I saw someone bought one of these for their kid, although like most things seem to be out of stock. Any good?

Also would this be okay for him or is it a bit bargain basement, i’m just thinking see how he gets on with it for the first year and then get him something really nice later, you know how kids are:

Enuff ugh no

Blast yes!

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That answers that one :slight_smile:

Please don’t buy it from Route One.

Spanky giving great advice here. Support your local!


I bought my son a Blast Skates Jr, it’s so rad.

Fucking massive though, 9" wide!!!

Good luck kickflipping that

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It’s not 9” the whole way.

I’ve just bought that exact set up for my daughter for Christmas, good choice.

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Can anyone recommend good helmets for toddlers?

I’ve spoken to David at June store in Leigh on Sea he’s going to build a decent starter for me and my boy.

This is skate park in Brentwood is about 15 minutes down the road from me and looks pretty decent:

I have a confession to make, i think I’m doing this more for me than my boy :slight_smile: :rofl:


FFS, i just drove all the way to fucking Leigh on Sea, tried to get parked for 40 minutes, lost my rag and came home.

The worlds gone mad i’ve never seen somewhere so busy.

Support a shop they say, bollocks internet it is!

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Yeah, it’s the last day before lockdown.

Just don’t Internet route scum


This. Anything you find on route one you’ll find somewhere legit for the tiniest bit more expensive. Fuck them


What’s the crack with Route One, why universally hated?

Big corporate entity that bulk buys and undercuts real skate shops. Not particularly welcome in UK skateboarding

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