Skateboards for me and my 6 year old

Hi all.

My 6 year old really wants a Skateboard for Christmas and I thought it would be great to learn together. Maybe a midlife crisis on my part but sod it :slight_smile:

Also just built a 1983 Mongoose California Special using NOS parts so perhaps it is!

I’m slightly overwhelmed by the options for both of us, if you could recommend something for me and my boy it would be appreciated.

Thanks all!


How tall are you, what’s your shoe size and what do you weigh @Muzza?

5ft 10in
69kg (was 63kg in March, lockdown wasn’t/ isn’t kind)
Size 9 feet

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Just a tiny bit smaller than me then.

Aaah that’s another thing, whereabouts are you in the country @Muzza so we can direct you to your nearest skater-owned shop?

Also is there a budget for either board? I assume you’ll start off in empty carpark/skatepark.

I got one of these for my 5 year old. She loves it…Perfect sizing for her, too.
Can’t see her needing anything full size for a couple of years, if she is into it.


I’m in Billericay, Essex, i was just going to take him down our road it’s quiet, not a through road, over the park which has a path round a lake and a little skate park although it’s usually swamped with teenagers so not sure how much of a Wally I’d feel :slight_smile:

Budget, not sure really, £150 for both, that’s not set in stone though

You might need a bit more than that…but dont be put off.

Talk to the June Store. Owned by a solid guy and close enough to you…

He will give you really good advice.


Cheers looks good for the little man.

I’ll call the shop and see what they say, there’s a shop in Billericay but all boards seem out of stock, i think they cater more for scooters

Theres a massive global stock issue. I guess it isn’t limited to skateboarding - but as lots of factories closed for months, production is behind.
Serious hardware shortage right now…
June have some solid stuff in stock, though. I was there a couple of weeks ago and they’d taken delivery of wheels which seem to be the tough one currently.

Yeah, what Londonskater said.

For yourself I’d go for something between 8.1 and 8.5 wide. And please get white wheels and plain black grip if you don’t want to look like a kook. Trucks won’t matter if you’re just starting out.


@spanky any tips to look less of a kook well received :slight_smile:

It’s a shame Junes complete boards have all sold out.

Link from another topic which might have some useful info -

Main thing is don’t get a plastic 70’s style board. Get something around 7.25" wide for your 6YO as they’ll probably end up sitting and buttboarding on it for the first while.

For yourself, look at something bigger, depending on your height, shoe size and weight, usually 8.25 - 8.5 will do the job just fine, with whatever wheels, trucks and bearings you can afford. Don’t go overboard on the cost at this stage as you won’t notice, or need, the difference between the entry level and pro level gear, which is priced accordingly.

Just to add here, ensure the wheels are not plasticy. For English roads as a beginner you probably want softish wheels for easy rolling

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Don’t leave it in the rain, in fact no part of your board should ever touch water.

Learn how to fall (search forwards and backwards break fall jiu jitsu on Youtube) and that will probably save you some broken wrists/concussions. Saved me numerous times, no wrist injuries in about 20 years.

Don’t carry board by the trucks (aka ‘mall grab’)
Push with your BACK foot (pushing with front foot called ‘pushing mongo’)
If carrying your board by your side (eg flat against side of your waist, trucks point towards you)

Honestly if you want anything legit-checked you can ask here, we’re probably mostly your age anyway. Brands, people on instagram, shops, whatever, we got you.


What? Really skaters have grip tape wear on their clothes

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Nah mate, real skaters care about there garms. Don’t want holes in my fucking Polo sweater that shit is expensive


So i’ve called and left a message and emailed the shop see what they come back with.

I’m not sure if it will help or be a hinderance but i snowboarded for years before i got kids, not sure if transferable skills?

Sooo, this is what i have ascertained so far:

Me: 8.25 inch board
Son: 7.25 inch
Me: Something like these 92A 54mm wheels, although seem to be sold out everywhere

This complete does seem to tick a few boxes for me:

Let me know if i’m on the right lines please

Yeah if you’ve snowboarded that will probably help.

The wheels are nice and soft and OK for cruising. Should cushion some of the shocks to your knees. They’ll be grippy, as you get better and better you’ll probably need harder wheels. Wouldn’t go over 56mm though, otherwise it starts looking silly.

Oh, and graphics pointing inwards on the wheels yeah?

Everyone says ‘skateboarding yeah! No rules!’ but oh boy, there are rules

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Now you’ve lost me mate i’m afraid :rofl:


Wheels usually come with brand/graphics printed on one side, with the other side plain white. Make sure you have the plain side visible if you look at the side of the board.