SKATESHOO 2nd-hand Skateboard fleamarket

What started as a vision between some skaters in a skatepark in the start of 2021 became reality just now.

We thought: Wouldn´t it be amazing if a regular and a goofy skater could exchange their right and left shoe with each other so that, instead of your left shoe is totaly broken while the right one is more like factory new, u finally have a pair of complete shredded shoes to throw away.

Think about it, if you excessively learn a new fliptrick and u are really into it, u can easily shred like 3-4 pairs of shoes in a year. So you will save actual money if you had a shred-partner, not to mention that its more environmental.

So based on that some automagic came into place, covid literally made it happen, we got into bad positions and had a timespan where we as a small team of 3 persons said, f**k it, let´s just build this platform now instead of looking for other jobs. And while doing so, we recognized that it´s not only about shoes, what if u just got brand new trucks and bearings and just replace your still good to use and intact hardware, there is literally no online place to offer used skatestuff thats for skatestuff only. I mean u could put your stuff on craigsligst, ebay or join a very regional fb-group, there are even skateboard fleamarkets occasionally here and there, but let´s be honest, with the internet, there should be so much more possible, and yes it is!

We are grown ass skateboarders who startet skating in like 2001 and, what a nice coincidence, we are professionals in building webplatforms :smiley: So, the last 4 months we worked our ass off on this and came up with a full functional piece of professional software which is now online for public(beta) use. It´s build to be used globally from the very start and starts in 5 languages. Right now the platform is empty and ready to be filled with offers, so expect to make the first offer ever :smiley:

So dear [UK skateboarders, I´d like to introduce to you: SKATESHOO

yeah, SKATESHOO is the name we came up for this project. If you like the idea and have some used or not used anymore skateboard-stuff that you´d like to sell, gift or trade,

feel free to create an account on skateshoo and try it out!

We have no budgets or sponsors and are badly set up for a planned launch and any kind of marketing beyond this post, so go easy on us and tell your friend :smiley: We would highly approchiate your feedback and ideas, and who knows… we feel this is going huge

The products on there are fucking hilarious.

Paging Tyler…


haha true, it went online yesterday, we are so excited already 24 users registered.

I have a few left foot size 10 shoes in good condition but wouldn’t dream of some poor bastard having to deal with my dried up foot juice in them no matter how much shoe spray you put in .


Proper rank. Pandemic let’s all swap shoes that are minging.

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yeah, at least this doesn´t apply too much to decks/trucks/bearings …
Another thing we thought of is, imagine pros are giving away their stuff on skateshoo.
I would be so amazed skating the shoe of tony hawk no matter how much dried foot juice there might be xD

Do people have to pay for a second hand board and rusty bearings?

you have different “trade-options” for each offer-category, they always include “as a gift”

People who get their stuff for free dump their old stuff at skateparks, then take a picture of it for Instagram. Not quite the same fiddling about with an app, boxing stuff up, then screenshotting it days later.

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That’s what people do round here all the time.

highly appreciate ur feedback <3

I´d say Tyler can´t be everywhere. especially with so many younger people getting into skating now, they seem generally more motivated to reduce, reuse, recycle stuff online. I mean i´m living in big city and i know the skatepark economy and when in need u always get a free deck, but what if there is not so much going on around u, we think there is only one world and lots of potential within this reflecting in the internet

I scratch my arse a lot but hardly scratch my bollocks. Do you think you could do something similar with the front and back ends of underpants? Should be simple enough to split em down the middle and stitch em back together.


Ok, but when you do scratch your bollocks, d’you go for the pinch-and-roll or the stretch-and-rake?

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This because its a one-handed operation and Im a busy busy adult man

Too busy typing responses on silly Internet forums with the other hand.

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this is such a fucking terrible idea by people who clearly don’t actually skate

if you’ve got money for new stuff you give the used bits to kids down the park or mateys who might be a bit hard up atm, that’s the way it always has been & always should be


Actually built by skateboarders for skateboarders, even for u <3