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Christ, ALIVE!

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Ribeiro is something else! I really wanted to see that fakie 5-0 flip out


Comes to something when you can even make Luan (slightly) less incredible… What does Brazil put in the water for skateboarding??

He might have touched on it.

No, it looked like he might have put his other truck down on the ledge momentarily. Probably wouldn’t have gotten a redo if he’d put his hand down.

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Yeah for sure. Gone are the days of Greco palming the floor.

Helluva game

yeah that was nuts! that slam Carlos took looked so bad

I hate it when you’re playing skate on a block and someone does a switch backside flip back noseblunt.


Anyone been keeping up with this years comp?

Latest game is crackers


it’s that time already? either these aren’t annual or my life is passing by with worrying speed

Been watching a random bunch of these recently, usually with Tiago Lamos, Carlos Ribiera and Luan Oliviera. Lamos is just a pleasure to watch - everything done longer, faster and harder than everyone else.

Tiago isn’t in this year’s comp unfortunately.

yeah been watching it. I think it’s only been 8-9 months since last one, they must have pushed it forward for obvious reasons.
been crackers as usual, rad with the extension too.

Watching every game. Loving it.

Some people missed a few SSBSTS this year, which was really weird. I had no idea you could be Brazilian and miss those.

I’d love to see Worrest, Cromer, JB Gillet or Bobby de K in a game like this.

Spotting the Brazilian ledge staples has been interesting. Everyone can do fakie nose 270s.

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Everyone can do them here too.
I learnt them one night, did a couple half decent ones, wanted to get a really good one and ended destroying my foot. Didn’t skate for 4 months after that. Now I want to do them again but I don’t want to do them again too. :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Three things…

  1. Always enjoy this ‘comp’
  2. Anyone else agree that switch bs tail to regs always looks a bit stinking?
  3. Why was that dude in the last game clapping himself after he landed his tricks haha
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