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i quite like the odd naming conventions they use for things as well

Would be good if they widened it out and invited a few international heads. I just remembered that Malto was in it last year, bizarrely.

I really dig Yuri. He’s got a totally wild style.


that Pedro Iti was like an annimated character, body moves at a different speed to the others.

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jesus christ that flip lipslide was dreamy

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Mental levels

Amazing. Loved Giovanni’s frontside halfcab back 5-0 reeves. Don’t see that one very often.


The skill level is insane in that.

PJ Ladd used to do those. 1:00

Looked rad with a shove out too. 0:17

Can’t remember seeing other people doing that one.


Giovanni’s long T-shirt, long shorts combo made it look like he had really tiny legs and it wasn’t doing his style any favours

Luan is the best

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Can’t remember seeing much doing his style any favours…
He’s obviously skilled and can do shit not that many people do but he also seems to lack certain things, like when he struggles with kickflip backtails or kickflip noseslides, which are pretty basic and common tricks compared to some other stuff he has on lock.
I like fakie tricks loads but he’s kinda 2020’s answer to Sammy Baptista only skating switch back in the Shorty’s days. Not sure that’s a deliberate choice (like Hsu in that Emerica vid, where Miner decided to edit his section like this, making it switch only). Some people choose their trick bag, some trick bags choose some people?

He’s 18 and had a big man’s part in a Primitive video filled with really really good parts. He did a cab hurricane revert on a legit rail and made it look great. How are we criticising this kid? Jesus


That Primitive Gio piece was so good but Carlos was way off about his hair, he looks like a fuzzy match now, long hair def gave him more appeal, don’t know what Carlos was thinking.

No criticism, I enjoyed the cab backtail and that was the first I’d seem of him - I haven’t seen his primitive part. It’s just worth saying that plenty of great skateboarding has been ruined by bad sartorial choices, and all he needs to do is get some shorts that fit him.

If that’s the worst anyone can say about him, he’s doing ok

perhaps just me but i preferred his look to Luans…

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Well tbf, I’d put short T-shirt over long sleeve T-shirt in the same ‘don’t do it’ category as below the knee baggy shorts, but at least Luan’s clothes fit him.

Either way, the cab backtail and the fs flip lip were both excellent


I wish Luan would get out in the streets and film some proper parts. He’s so wasted in street league and Flip. Should move to Primitive and join the dream team


I do wonder what keeps him at Flip, he seems a bit of an anomaly there in terms of team career point - he’s so much better than the other active pros on the team (Berger, Gonzales, Majerus) and still at the peak of his career unlike the legacy pros (Penny, Glifberg, Burnquist etc). He’s one of the best skateboarders in the world, why is he languishing on a commercially dead board company?

Just checked Flips website - they only have 4 pro boards on sale and a Luan board isn’t one of them…

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