SOTY 2019

Needs its own thread since the subject’s appearing in every other thread now. Or does it? Milton, right?

I think so. Everything was just so big and fast.

I think it’ll be Milton, with a very, very honourable mention for Suciu and Lemos…

Can’t think of anyone else from leftfield?!

Yeah it will probably be Milton and can’t hate on that.

But for me it’s Suciu.

Gnarly compared to a lot of people, just not nowhere close to Milton levels

Tiago please.

If it’s Milton would they have saved the cover for the SOTY issue…?

Who knows, he might have done something else equally crazy or rad looking super recently? Or they’ll go for a portrait or something.

I’ll second that.
Tiago will never be SOTY like Busenitz never was.

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The thing with Milton is he must have a shelf life.

Rowley and Danny Way and other gnarly dudes who son SOTY had a long shelf life.

Suciu and Tiago will kill it for years to come.

Can Milton really carry on like this?

Does it matter?

I dunno my point.

Fuck it.

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But the part would’ve had to come out with the kickflip in to cement him being SOTY

I’d say it’s a pretty sure bet

Tiago will probably never get it but who cares? Everyone who knows knows he’s one of the best to ever do it. Milton will be remembered for the kickflip but as fucked up gnarly that part was I feel like 10 years down the line people won’t really be talking about him.


Head says Milton, heart says Tiago :heart:


has this ever been won on one part alone before?

Let’s not forget that mentallist Milton in KOTR


Also I’d rather Milton get it so he can reap the potential financial benefits that come with it from sponsors. He deserves to be paid wedge

AVE with Propeller.

Just that the shelves are in JD now.


This is the thing with him, can he really get any gnarlier?! How could he possibly have a gnarlier part than what he just put out?! Makes no difference to SOTY, but long term it’s going to be interesting to see what happens, I remember Rowley once saying something along the lines of he didn’t want to get toooo gnarly because he didn’t want to Duffy himself…

Surely Milton has Duffy’d himself with that part?! It would be amazing to think he hadn’t, and he could do even gnarlier stuff in the future, but what?! Things like that gap lip he did for example, no one could ever do backside because there’s no way you could bail going backwards that fast without getting knocked out.

As far as I know Mark Suciu has another part ready to go but I can’t imagine it not being Milton. Phelps is even in his part.

Suciu has had quite a bit of footage elsewhere as well though right?