I went to the cinema to see it and pretty much did the best silent version of exactly that…

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Haha, yeah, same!

Just a shame the scene cuts to the really bad cgi Leia right after… so you go from wow to urgh in seconds, haha.

Watched the last hour - Disney stream not the 4k disk - earlier and Rogue One is so good. Might watch the disk tomorrow night to see if that’s noticeably better

Friend of mine just posted this birthday cake his partner made him on Instagram. Very rad.


Woke up at 5:30am for no reason and decided to stick on The Acolyte before work.

Mmm…First ep flew by. Second dragged a bit.
It doesn’t seem to be wildly kiddy and possibly a step closer to Andor in tone.
Just not sure I give a fuck about any of the characters yet.

It’s been torn to shreds online but I’m not sure if it’s just a hate campaign by the usual SW moaners or there is some weight to it.

Seems something from episode 3 has turned most reviewers off but I suppose we’ll have to wait a week for whatever that is

Not watched it yet but I’m hoping it’s just the usual SW haters making the usual noise. Probably the same people that slatted the prequels but now love them. Lightsaber lasso though?

A lot of people didn’t like Andor so I’ll make up my own mind.

Damn! That and Rogue One are literally the only two things which I can whole heartedly say I think was great from the SW universe since the OG films!


Rogue one is a highlight of the WHOLE franchise.


Yeah Andor and Rouge One are two of the best things in SW, let alone Disney SW. it feels a more interesting, grown up and realistic take on the birth of the rebellion than the rise of the Empire in the prequels.

As realistic as a Sci-Fi show/movie can be that’s meant to be aimed at families.

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Thinking of re-watching Andor again because the wife didn’t see it. Also good prep for long overdue season two coming this year…

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Watched the first episode over lunch, it wasn’t as bad as the review bombers and women haters shouting “It’s ruined Star Wars” would have you believe.

It’s not ground breaking and it feels a bit different from usual Star Wars somehow, but I’ll put that down to it being High Republic era and nothing else.

Niggles? Out of context for spoilers and that

  • fire in space
  • some aliens look like they came right out of The Last Starfighter
  • “taps aff”
  • I’m Rick James bitch…hairdos

How did she get to the floating guy faster than the people going straight to him?

Yup. Weird. Really weird.

Lucas himself said that he made the decision from the start that space doesn’t work the same way in the Star Wars Galaxy, that’s why there is sound in space for instance. So he could have major artistic license.

Edit: Having Trinity from the Matrix, running around doing Matrix type things has kind of pulled me out of the SW world right from the start.

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The title of the thread has spoilers in it so…

Got around to watching both of them last night. It’s not bad so far. The twins are actually likeable. Not over overbearing. The main Jedi master is okay too. I liked that the bad/darkside twin (Mae) was no match for him and he was almost toying with her. How it should be.

Separated twins is not really a novel idea in SW but hey, haha.

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I’ll put it out there now, I reckon Jason from The Good Place (Qimir) is probably the sith master dude they mention, hiding in plain sight

I enjoyed both, it’s just nice to have something that isn’t so intertwined with the original trilogy, though I’m sure Yoda will pop up at some point.

I liked seeing how douchy the jedi are, yord interrogating the trade federation guy and applying the force then thanking him for his cooperation was particularly chilling. As goofish as he is, he could be sith.

I was initially thinking that Osha might have had split personalities or that she may have been unknowingly force ghosting her sith side to hunt down jedi who may have wronged her, I feel it would have been an interesting route instead of just going with the twin thing, I can see a role reversal towards the end.

As usual a fair few videos have popped up trashing the whole thing, lots of man children whining, I imagine a lot of them complained about Andor being boring too. Yeah some of the dialogue and acting is a bit flat, but beyond that it’s perfect cowboy samurai soap opera in space.stuff.

Christ, the man whining videos, you watch one out of curiosity and it completely knackers the algorithm and then that’s all you get

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