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Poland would have such a good scene if you didn’t get the jail for smoking weed.

I’m looking at that massive rail and thinking ‘spot?’.
I suppose it might be for someone.

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Hit this up a few times when it was first built, ledges are pretty nice but big gaps between the slabs, I’d say best to go in an evening too as security guards are pretty unreasonable.

Bracknell and surrounding areas are full of hidden gems used to skate street there alot.


Paging Extreme Rob

I made a blog listing loads of spots in Brussels (brusselsisburning) and I remember getting a lot hate from Geoff Van Hove for it.

I told him to get fucked because spots were there for everyone.

I found out later that he visited my site the most!

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This was just something that I spotted while out and about returning to where I had parked the car.
LOTUG is probably right about the gaps between the ledge blocks but someone determined enough might consider filling them in on the sly.
There are some benches there too that are mounted onto large blocks. The block is wider than the benches too leaving enough exposed to skate.
Unfortunately, it looks like a bike peg has taken a chunk out of one that was waxed.
If I could still skate, I would certainly be looking to skate this place.
Didn’t see any security but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t watching from somewhere and might reveal themselves, in a manner of speaking, if you start skating there.

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May be a stupid question but what is the bust factor like? Worth a trip? Looks amazing!

LOTUG might be better placed to say as he has experience.

There was absolutely nobody visibly around yesterday afternoon.

I would advise late afternoon/ evenings, spot is lit up quite decently! It’s a risky one had sessions that have lasted hours then have had sessions that last 10 mins.

The security guards just walk around the town but if they spot you your probably getting kicked out, however if you spot them first just don’t make it obvious your skating and you may get away with it!

We had one dude telling us how he personally has to clean the wax of the ledge haha, not so bad tho if you do get kicked out plenty of other bits to skate around.

If you skate it they will come! haha but like I said might get a bit of a skate.

I haven’t skated it for a good few months now so maybe they chilled out a bit who knows.

The Lune Viaduct in lancaster is currently drained and could theoretically with some sand bags and a spade be cleaned up enough to skate. If someone fancied the hard work and had big enough wheels


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