Spot spotting

Yeah, that used to be known as “Batrock” to skateboarders (maybe local children called it Batman Park?). It’s super crusty, but looks like the run-up has been slightly improved since I was there l last. It was like loose gravel then.

I think there were a few photos back in the 80s, and more recently seen a rad BS boneless from Reiss Johnson and Stevie Thompson got a crailtap there this summer!


Actually, here’s a photo of me doing a 180° mute blunt (I thinkk) about 22 years ago!?



Good to see you on here again.

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So sick. yeah we met a local skater called kurt who lived literally opposite and he told us someone did a boneless recently.

The local who told us it was called Batman park wasn’t a skater, a lady who lived opposite and was using the place as a bit of a community space park with a shed and some old repurposed wooden benches and the like.
It was a pretty zen spot, considering the crustiness of the bank.

Was it purpose built as a quarter to skate? I can’t imagine it wasn’t but it’s at a mad angle down a little hill then a sharp right to get up the wall


Cheers Build-a! No, I don’t think it’s private? Probably just bodged the “embed” code!

I’m not sure if it was built to skate. From a modern perspective, it doesn’t look it. Pretty sure it was there from the 70s and sometimes building a skatepark consisted of pouring concrete over some pre-existing lumps in the terrain. It definitely already seemed quite old and crusty when I first skated it in the late 80s. The Batman logo was still sprayed on there then too!

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Wow, that’s crazy if it is just a lump of concrete poured to hold the verge up, that just happens to be a perfect transition

Edit- misread that. So built to skate, just badly

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A spot I found today

Might noseblunt both, might not. Probably not.


Boardslide 270 out to front board over to fakie if regs, nollie lip fakie to switch board 270 out if goofy.

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Ok will do


Another Sydney spot from this weekend. Wonder if it dries out in summer


It’s not on my lifetime spot list

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What do people think about the City Mill skate space?

Looks mega fun to skate. Not totally convinced that this sort of artificial spot can ever really be seen as a legit street spot, but looks like they had to compromise on their original idea of placing skateable architecture around UCL’s new east London campus.

Looks fun to skate but what’s with the Citv vibes on the website and social media?

I’m guessing ‘inclusivity’ which is something the project is looking to incorporate. I think they have a plan to broaden who uses the UCL campus and make the space more inviting for east London youf.

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So inclusive they included a tarmac floor ……… resurface in 2 years

Same goes for all of those Scandi public spaces with “skate friendly” architecture and obstacles.

They’re not legit street spots in the sense that they’re designed to be skated.

I guess true street skating represents a sort of battle for public space which isn’t there when you are invited to use it.


In a school of josh stewart video: illegal
In a spitfire edit: whatever


Had no idea about this, but it’s about 10 minutes from my flat.

I’m really running out of excuses to not go skating - it looks fun and right at my current level!