Stinking Tricks Done Well

Inspired by the Ronnie Creager/benihana chat on Instagram Blowout thread.
What is the best example of a horrible trick done well?

First thing that came to mind for me (at 1.23)

Decent excuse to post this.

Front foot impossibles (with the exception of Mouly and this guy) rarely look good.
180 ones even more so - this one however is beautiful.

See I really like Moulys impossibles but I swear on the old forum most people decided he stank

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Varial flips are usually alright if done well. They get a bad rep because kids often learn them before kickflips, that’s all.

0:30. Dope.

JB Gillet does them all the time too.

Hardflips are the terrible, nasty ones in my book. People do them tweaking their front leg the weird way which looks really wrong and bad to me. Only Carroll and PJ could make those look good.


PJ did a banging hard flip in that es tour video that was posted the other day. Masons hardflip in his most recent was proper too.

I agree they’re a tendency today for people to overly stylise them and force the tweak of that front foot

Inward heels aren’t pleasant looking tricks but somebody must have a decent one.

Can someone please go and pluralise the “trick” in this thread’s title? It’s upsetting me

Done :slight_smile: The singular was intentional, but you’re right plural is better.

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It made my brain itch :grin:

tbh I’m at the point now where I’d rather see a varial flip than another “lazy-tre” anyday.
Hardflip from Bobby at 0.50 is great



Shove it flip please!
One of the best ever is Mike Ruszyck (sp) in that’s life.

Worrest is one of those rare people that can pretty much make any trick look good.

Cromer definitely deserves being mentioned here too, he regularly does weird, almost illegal tricks yet somehow always makes it look dope.

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Even when Bobby is in chubster mode, he still looks amazing and does everything right.

2:40 - this has to be the ultimate example surely?

Has there EVER been another acceptable performance of this trick?

Tiago wants a word.


Holy shit that was nice

Blimey! Makes sense it would be Tiago

How has no one seen Tiago doing that? He’s got a few clips of it in different spots where they slap up to his feet. No wonder y’all weren’t as annoyed that Milton got SOTY :wink:


I’ve no idea what I was smoking this morning, but I really didn’t think that post through…I’ve 100% watched that Primitive demo video at the very least.

Upon further reflection, I remembered another which puts the nail in the coffin of my rash statement, see 1:18 below:

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