New forum, eh?

Stoked, need to settle in and find my way around. Nicely done.

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+1. Nice one Spanky.

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Nice one Spanky.

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I kinda hate Discourse (the software this is running on) other times I’ve been subjected to it, but actually think it might work well for how the Sidewalk forum community works.

Well done Spanky.

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To be honest I want a massive fan either @navitronic . I think once I make the whitespace disappear and get used to the threading it’s got some really nice features.

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Big up Spanky.


Checks Spanky out and chills.

Added a new PSU to my my workstation, recabled it and now have 3 x GPUs in there - 2 Titan X and a 980Ti -
along with 7 HDs with around 14Tb of available storage.

It’s savage for internetting all day instead of doing proper, productive and well-paid work.

Nice one Spanky. Looking forward to our new space!

Gonna take some getting use to, but well done Spunky!

Good work guys on the forum.

Back to lurking.

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Got my N26 card today. It’s actually fucking cool. App is really good, solid metal card, the card was packaged like a fucking iPhone or something, travel insurance and airport lounge access etc. Looks super premium. They should be paying me to post this.

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Probably niche topic here but does anyone do any credit card/air mile points hacking here? I got into it a few years ago. Managed to get a return flight to SF for the family, first class out, business back. Had to pay the tax but it was so fucking easy.

I need to get into this, i have some Virgin/Amex points i need to figure out how to make work best.

Oh man get yourself to, get a couple referrals in and you’re well on your way. I was doing up a flat when I got into it so everything went on the Amex. Even worked out how to pay my council service fee and council tax with it. When you whack on groceries/petrol/tube fares/coffees from pret and get used to paying for everything with Amex (and paying it all back at the end of month of course) you can rack up miles super quick.

Yeah man, i only got it for points, linked it to PayPal, BP app for fuel etc.

Heads up on the council tax, cheers! Will look into this!

My council accepted payments via co-op supermarket paypoint (I think it was). So I paid off the year in one go in like 5 installments as there was a £200 limit per transaction, or something.

Oh rad! Il go hunt this down