It is, yes.

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spent about 8 hours trying since then but finally landed the cunt tonight

buzzing lads


I’ve been meaning to repair/ refurb the pond yacht I had as a kid. It was my Dad’s when he was a boy before it was mine. It’s been sitting in a box unused and not thought about for years now. It’s going to need new rigging and I’ll have to make some sails. A bit of varnishing and painting and I’ll be off to befriend the little old men at the local model boating lake.

That’s all a bit of a tangent from what I actually came here to post. I found the boat, but in the process also found this

I remember being stoked when it came through the mail, (at some point in ‘79). National Geographic World was a favourite when I was a kid. I loved nature and travel. When this arrived it combined two those things with my new found love of skateboarding. The article is about an American kid who accompanied his Dad on a business trip to China in 1978 and takes his board with him. It was inspiring. Skateboarding wasn’t something that could just be done in the driveway or the street outside your house - it could be done anywhere. My skateboard went everywhere with me from that point onwards. Nothing’s changed in over 40 years.



Was in a super shit mood all weekend then went out for a cruise while the kid rode her bike and now back home feeling ten times better. Serotonin on four wheels!


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