I want to build the Ghostbusters office - I’m sure it was real at one point. They still have the car available, though.

Yeah it looks quality! This Winchester idea would have been great too.

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This is half of my neighbours living room, she’s obsessed with Lego.


You live next to Will Ferrell yeah?


Had a great day skating in town (which I haven’t done for years!) with a solid crew - Clev and Harry were down from Bristol + local boys Woodley, Whiston, Den, Key and Ellis.
Best part was, it all started off as a solo morning skate at Bournbrook. We skated the quarter ledges at New Street. Ended up bombing down the hill back to the car at in Digbeth from Mailbox through all the pedestrians and cars. Loved it!


KeithBeef has that built in his house.

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Yeah. It’s in the loft now as I don’t want the child playing with it. It got a bit damaged when we moved house, so I might dismantle it and start again. One day when I have some time.

Had the day off. Our washing machine is now fixed (after not working for 3 weeks), a project I’ve been working on with a friend is going really well and I learnt two tricks this afternoon. Now having a beer listening to Jacques Dutronc. Great day!


Love me a bit of Jacques Dutronc, I think I mentioned on an earlier version of the forum that my wife’s auntie and uncle live in North Corsica and their house next door to a restaurant where we play petanque when visitng, Jacques and his missus are good friends with the owners and regularly come in the evening to drink and have a laugh, He chain smokes cigars and drives like a madman, he screeched into the parking lot in a Ferrari (I think) hopped out and told me to throw a boule through his mates windscreen. That was my only interaction with him but I was impressed. Was a year or two later when I learned who he was. Stoked.

Knocked off work early for home made sausage, fennel and jalapeño pizza and Squid Game


Pizza looks ace!

Don’t normally have good news but Mrs Mike got a 1st for her Masters degree and also accepted a new job with a pretty hefty pay rise.

Lost internet last night and long story short engineer sorted new box, and repaired broken wire in cabinet (or whatever) up the road for a 20% uplift on download speed. Happy days.



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Finished a god awful project with work today and I feel like such a weight has been lifted.


just broken up for two weeks of glorious half term.
off to see skinnyman in leeds tonight


Enjoy. Just need him to not be arrested in the next few hours.


Since when has half term been 2 weeks?

I’m not your average teacher :wink:

Never had fennel on a pizza, sounds well good, gonna give that a go! Thanks!

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Is that a regular occurance then?

I heard that if he makes it till tomorrow he’ll be surprised.


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