Yeah but it’ll be Jono and me literally chatting shit with no plan

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Sounds good! Just working out the navigation on getting from West Yorks to Otley

13 years since Bingo passed- I’m posting this in stoked because I wasn’t sure where to post about this, and for some reason posting in ‘pointless topics’ or ‘not stoked’ didn’t seem like a nice thing to do, but this morning I just thought about all the rad shit he put me on and the support and buzz he had for so many and I’m about to go to work but then off on a skate weekend straight after and just got fired up thinking about memories of him and how hyped I am to skate as it’s been a busy few months. So yeah stoked to wake up and think about bingo. RIP my bud we all miss ya


Bingo would be stoked on you mate, seeing you go from a youngster to what you have achieved.
I remember going to meet him at Wastelands and him pointing a young you out to me for the first time, with only good things to say.

Miss you Bingo R.I.P.


Night off tonight - when the barman remembers how shit your French is so you get a free shot of whisky.


I’m guessing you’ve probably already said and I missed it, but how come all the time in France Ned?

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Forgot his car keys in Nantes, with hilarious consequences.


My Mrs lives in Vannes. My work don’t mind me being in France some of the time. My boss is so dope.

So we swap being in the U.K. and France, her job is similar they really don’t mind where she is, just has to drop into the office in Paris occasionally.

My tenancy is up in August so will see what happens!


£213 from Ryan Air compensation for my flight last Sunday. Hopefully get the same for Wednesdays flight to Nantes that landed in fucking Brest.


My flight was on time!


Got my driving licence back. Been three years without it due to needing the transplant. As it affected me noggin’ and legally I wasn’t allowed.


Thats mad, stoked for you mate, back on’t road!

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