Yeah, we’ve got 3 kids so it’s become pretty much essential. We’ve already got a huge people carrier. Only cost £150 to get me in the insurance though. Just got to try not to fuck up my wife’s no claims.

Yer, late passer here. 43 or 44.
It’s not a definite rule but it seems all the rural kids were driving from 13, and all the city kids never had the need for it till later.


Yeah, my friends and I all passed our driving tests by 18 out of necessity, I guess. I don’t think anyone had more than ten lessons as, like you said, we could all (sort of) drive anyway. I must admit I do still find it a little surprising when I discover adults over 30 who don’t hold a driving licence. Mind you it’s nowhere near as unexpected as when you find out actual grown ups you know can’t swim or ride a bike.


I was 18 … it was more the norm to have a licence around 17 to 20 than not with the skate crew here.

Bollocks to having to pay the prices now and doing the theory.

*Only fields to drive around in my day (and all that).


I passed at 17 and my first car was 4 years older than me.

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I passed at 25, moved the London the week after and haven’t driven since. That was 10 years ago.

All of my school friends who got cars at 17 immediately crashed them.

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I passed at 20 but didn’t drive a car for 7 years, driving my first car back from Manchester trying to remember what to do was pretty hairy

20 here. It’s a 5 min skate into town. Direct train to London was piss easy to bunk and having 3 pints a day minimum was standard too. Had a clocked Fiesta for 6 months that I blew up then a Pug 306 skate tank with a sub that filled the boot.


Same, just after my 18th. Couldn’t survive without a car where I lived, public transport was shit.

Passed at 17, having been taught for more lessons than felt necessary by a bearded guy who insisted on asking me at each lesson all about my love life with teenage girls and what I got up to with them. Defo red flags in hindsight.

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Scott Penman’s mum taught me to drive.

Some people on here might know who he is, haha.

Edit: his mum is a legit driving instructor.

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Passed at 18 but couldn’t afford a car til I joined the army. First car was a 25 year old mini

Which turned into this after all the rot was sorted :grimacing:


Passed at 38. Survived pretty decently before that but it seems so far away now.

Had my technical car inspection at the road traffic office early today and (almost) everything went well. Stoked.

Failed my test at 18 (on my way back to the test centre). Moved to Cardiff the week later and if we had to go anywhere by car (rarely) my missus had to drive.

She made me pass my test at 30 so that I could drive before we had kids. Fair enough.

Will be in driving debt to her until I’m in my early 40s.

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Oh man, I definitely have to thank my girlfriend for pushing me to get my license when I was 37 and for driving for us for so long before I got it.

In driving debt to her for a while too but I do drive more than her these days, especially if we’re travelling kinda far.

We never really plan on doing that but for some reason when we’re abroad we often get pissed the last night before heading home and I just love driving back home for hours with her sleeping next to me the day after. Makes me feel good, plus it’s almost like some kind of meditation with a mini hangover (and Neil Young and old rap playlists).

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Passed at 17, nearly killed me and my mate within two weeks and somehow managed to drive away only losing a wheel trim. Chilled out a little bit after that

Drove around with my pal for hours today looking for potential spots to skate in the wet- clocked this off the side of a motorway and drove long way round to scope it out. Was a legit fully skatable full pipe. Absolutely bonkers. Maybe the only time we’ll get to skate too as we got the boot after 10 mins (security tried to block the exit til police came haha) and they said it got installed last week and was gonna be in use and locked up from Friday. A crazy stroke of luck

Cheers to @sk8arrog8 for lending us his filming light so we could hit it


Passed first crack at 17. Bloke that ran my dad’s preferred off licence also happened to be a driving instructor. He was Sikh and constantly reminded me how he hated Hindus and really did like schoolgirls


Passed test at 19. Got job at Amazon literally a week later and was thankful I had the car (Amazon at the time really did push car sharing and fuck sharing a car with some of the idiots I worked with from PT at the time). Had a 106 that I had until 2019 (loved that car, like).

I did bump it on an already beat up Micra in a Tesco car park, going to 'ol Job Centre a whole week later. POV spec bumpers meant no paint sharing and as said previously, the Micra already looked like it’s been doing its job as a bumper car quite well. No pain and all that.

After that I’ve been fairly well behaved par pothole and speed bump related injuries!


The new Note video!