Estonia in the latest Thrasher!

There’s also a video being released with a few tricks at my local park (the little indoor about 100m from my house) which is nuts! Video out end of April iirc


Clocks change… officially light nights!

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There are no mechanical clocks in my house, if you hadn’t posted I wouldn’t have known!


Same, I normally wake up pretty much the same time each day and was just wondering how come I slept another hour.

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Stoked thread looked a little far down so i’ll add…

Following on from our (missus and me) premier gig at the world saxophone congress in Gran Canaria in Dec (which I regaled on here), we have been selected (finalised) to play at the Euro congress In Trento, Italy in July.
New piece to write, this time based on the film Dogtooth.

All booked… Not stoked on how convolutedly shit flights are nowadays. Entice you with cheap prices! but no seat or baggage with that, that’s all extra! It would only be that cheap if I had my toothbrush in my pocket and stood in the aisle for the journey.
Anyway, stoked.


Long weekend in the caravan with friends on the next pitch and weather much better than expected. Started with a tyre puncture on Good Friday but that was sorted in 30 mins by a local Kwik Fit. Happy days as it was a good time and nothing broke on the caravan :slight_smile:

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Customer just gave me a couple of vegan edibles. Never tried any and haven’t had anything weed related for maybe 25 years as i’m not a fan of smoking.
Maybe try a tiny slither later see what happens, can’t even remember what it feels like ha.

Who found Meth on the other thread? maybe we should do a one off podcast together!

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Signed my permanent contract with work.


Yeah! Stoked for you mate.

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Thanks many other things going wrong but I worked fucking hard to carve this out as a permanent role.


Yes man, that’s great to hear. Kick the stress to the curb!

This has royally stoked me out


“If you don’t know him google : “Paul Alexander Vice” to see a Vice Magazine documentary on his life and struggles with mental health.”

Spoke to Paul last week and this documentary seems to have, over time, done him a lot more harm than good.

Can you elaborate without betraying any secrets?

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This turned up today.