Always STOKED on Vincent Alvarez!

Vincent is such a good guy.
Now I’m stuck in a video vortex though…

Respect for not being on Insta and CIAbook for good reasons (people being on it having two different lives, being someone else, etc.) but I thought it was weird when he said it would stop him from being creative. Dude’s been doing the same shit forever. He seems like a really sound dude and the blunt back 3 attempt was really rad though.

I noticed the new ‘trend’ on social media is that new face app, where you age yourself. I remember some conspiracy person saying how it was the government behind it so they can keep a record of what you’ll look like in years to come (say you disappeared on their most wanted list or something like that maybe?).
I just thought ‘whatever’, but the T&Cs that come with that app are crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it before, for an app. Maybe there is something too it.

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An app that encourages you to take pictures of yourself, on a device that you open with your fingerprint which has all your banking and travel details in it? Sounds fine.


Maybe he means that being on social media influences decisions, instead of thinking of his own ideas.

What could go wrong?!?

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even worst the one i did made me look like someone that shouts at traffic in the middle of the day.

It’s 100% true that a lot of these fun apps are used for Ai learning, reading facial expressions, how to interpret symbols, handwriting etc.

Yeah, I noticed that too, that thing is everywhere. Fuck knowing what I’ll look like in 40 years and fuck doing this in the first place.

There’s also an awesome diving platform thing on amager strand that we swam at a few years ago. Really nice spot.

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I did the face age app with my girlfriend and now I’m really anxious I definatly won’t be attracted to her in 30 years.

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Thanks dude, have checked that out before, good to know the name of place!

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It’s the canal killer!!!

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That’s the river thames.

The Thames Terror maybe.

“tonight on BBC 2, Britain’s greatest canal walks”

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Wow, you’ve just been into my office for some plan copies of a garage extension you have drawn up for somebody. We had a short conversation about some other plans that were on the side of a Tandem Compound steam engine and the steam roller that passed our workshop yesterday holding up all the traffic for the whole morning.

You look a little bit like Anthony Worrell Thompson.

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Dr Hugo Shipman


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