Street spots In your area.

Thought I’d start this thread (I’ve searched for a similar one but can’t find anything) for those of us away from home or planning a skate trip and want to check the local spots .

I’m working in Newport and there’s pretty much fuck all apart from a sketchy looking town centre and fuck all multi storey car parks that aren’t a bust.

I’m busting for a skate so going to drive after work up the road to Cardiff .

Any Cardiff locals on here want to recommend some spots that are good for an evening skate ? Plaza style stuff with nice flat ground that’s not a boot?


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Bute Square s the classic

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Nice , is it lit well in the evening?

I’m not a local @Pedromayn will know

An Ex of mine moved to Cardiff and I went down to visit for booty calls but honestly, I went down to skate because she was utter bonkers. Went skating when she worked and I found that big marble manual pad gap, skated there until some skaters showed me around, Loved that whole stretch of road where the court and galleries are. A tiny Cashman showed me how to do better crooked grinds, Matt Saunders made me do the Police handrail and I tried kickflipping the Matt davies gap until I snapped my board. Always wanted to go back and skate Bute as that appeared later.

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I’ll defo be scouting the area and having a roll around, one of the best parts of skating .
There is a google spot map but it’s well old . So will gladly take recommendations off here instead.

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Google where the police station is and just go down that road, a good few well known spots down there

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Belgium has some sick spots and have had the delight to skate it many times after meeting a random Belgian exchange student at harrow skatepark in 94 who is now a real good mate and built the huge DIY in Mechelen.

I skated Brussels again in 2018 and ended up at that spot by the old station/ railway tracks -Ursulines skatepark
Fuck me that has to be one of the sketchiest places ever ha. Put a beer down for me second and it’s gone along with anything you own.

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I would avoid it at night.

Welsh office is a total bust now as well. Don’t bother.

I guess the best spot in town is outside cine world. Smooth flat ground. Can’t be many people about and a pretty cool wavy ledge.

It’s at 2.13 here - hard to make out but it’s pretty good.

You can park in the multi there too - the spot is at the bottom of it.

The velodrome is a fun little roll about I guess. Maybe not solo.

The Norwegian Church has parking and a bunch of manual pads.

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Sweet ! Thanks man.

There’s fairly shit outdoor parks in Caldicot and in Chepstow too as well if you didn’t want to go into Cardiff. Not sure what the rules are on inter County driving at the moment but they are both in NP postcodes.

Are outdoor parks actually open now? I don’t even know.

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I’m guessing they’d be closed off? And if not are they floodlit in the evenings?

I don’t mind driving to Cardiff as I’m next to j28 of the M4 end of Newport. Worth it for some decent solo street skating

Hmm probably to the first one and no I don’t think so on the second. Fair point.

You want to go to a place called the Hayes and just skate around. It’s all linked to cine world. If in doubt Google John Lewis and its behind that.

Perfect little manual pad outside the golden Cross which I’m guessing is shut there too.

This is the Hayes - does this work:

Mill Ln


I’ve literally just done a google street view of Hayes . I’m heading there for sure . Exactly what I need for a roll .

@Les_Zeppelin summed up most of the spots to be honest!

Yeah Bute, not my cup of tea in the day let alone at night when the mukkas come out. It’s pretty mossy as well during these months. The ledges are harder to skate than you think, well the main bench ledges are at least.

Wavy ledges is my fave spot in Cardiff, it’s just got that certain vibe to it and I do like how it flows. It probably is pretty quiet at the mo as well. Normally a PITA with ye old pedestrians.

Hayes used to be much better years ago I found before they started sending more cops down there and after they capped the lil curbs at the statue. The people living at the top have called the cops on us a few times and I have had someone throw water down at me whilst filming once, so my experience has been half/half there haha. But it is chilling for a roll.

I’m usually more down Swansea than Cardiff, so I might be a tiny bit out of the loop anyways at the moment.

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Oh and I guess outside central station where the BBC building is; t’s got some ledges, it’s fairly lit up and has plenty of flat. Not had any bother except on the end where the uni building is where they capped the ledge so you should be ok there, too

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Bute is pretty raggedy these days compared with how it was years ago.

This is still partially accurate:

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Stevenage has some new furniture in the centre


What’s a mukka?