Street spots In your area.

Any idea how much of a bust that new spot is? Stevenage isn’t too far

Probably not a bust as the ledges are waxed up , and it’s Stevenage

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Lol! Might give them a shot sometime

Judging by the amount of instagram posts ive seen of people skating stevenage town centre during lockdown Id agree with that

Normally a mate/s, but it can also mean some 'eddas, in this scenario.

Any Cardiff locals know If the bay skatepark is ok to skate or in lockdown mode?
Gonna try hit it later before I head into the city for a skate

For a mildly crusty (90’s Harrow) park I was quite surprised at how much fun this is. Will be back for sure


That looks sick! How is it crusty like Harrow though that shit is like pumice

Harrow early 90’s . A few years before it became pumice

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So much flat ground . Sorted


Yeah that’s nice.

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Just need the weather to hold all week. Working in Newport just delivered a bonus .

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One of my favourite bits of skatepark


Yeah there’s so many lines there it’s crazy . Really enjoyed the slab hip , it was so nice to fsf over , perfect mellowness. and the huge curved ledge. Will get it next time , slipped out a few tiles as I came out .
Sunset is mental too . Next time remember beer

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Mark Churchill designed that park and filmer/bastard Nick Richards led the campaign to get it built. Shame it’s not been properly maintained, it is definitely getting a bit rough round the edges now.

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I haven’t been there for literally years. What’s the state of the place In general?

It’s just getting a bit sandpapery and the pointing on the brick bits is weathered. It’s right on the sea front so to be expected I guess. The council did some patching up but it needs re-surfacing ideally.

You’ve just reminded me that there’s a picture from around the opening of Nigel Mansell visiting the place with his todger on full show through his partridge cycling shorts.


God yeah there’s no prisoners on some of that brickwork now .

But being on a salt water doorstep it’s inevitable.


I miss how smooth that floor used to be.

It used to dry up super quick, we’d joke that it was heated underneath or something.

Hope it gets patched up at some point soon like.