Street spots In your area.

I miss how smooth that floor used to be.

It used to dry up super quick, we’d joke that it was heated underneath or something.

Hope it gets patched up at some point soon like.


As much as I was loving getting to know Borough a bit better on Google Street View, does anyone know if the spot at 5:52 still exists? Yeah I know the vid is 7 years old but thought I’d check. Also like how the URL randomly spells an anagram of CUNTS :joy:

It kinda reads as u fucken cunts (yeh - in Spanish)

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Mate of mine working in Edinburgh just sent me these pics of a spot behind the omni centre .

Looks like fun to be had


That looks perfect, I love banks. My town has fuck all like that :-1:t2:

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That looks great.
I’m keen to lurk this thread very hard

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Local flatground spot with a high granite ledge overlooking the sea about 1km from my place. Great for street wine and beers in summer, but is getting a bit crusty and dirty recently as it’s become a victim of its own success.

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