Stuff you've not seen but probably should have.

Inspired by Les not seeing Video Days.

This thread is for posting things you’re ashamed to say you’ve not seen.

I consider myself quite film nerd but have never actually watched.

The Godfather Movies
The Lord of The Rings
The very first Star Wars (I’ve seen all the other ones)

I think i’ve seen almost all skate videos but…i’ve never watched Rubbish Heap or Love Child in full.

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I’ve never done Lord Of The Rings either. Godfathers are great but you only really need to watch 1 and 2. Or just 2.

Yeah just not got around to it.

Off topic but it took me ages to watch True Romance and now it’s probably top 3 fav. I think I thought it was a rom com haha.


I’m always jealous when I meet people who say they haven’t seen The Sopranos. The first time is just so good


That’s me! I watched the first one, loved it, and then decided to finish watching The Wire before committing to anything else. It takes me forever to finish watching a series, but I’m up to season 4 so nearly there.


I’ve not seen The Sopranos either.

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Oh man you’re in for a treat. Well jel

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You nutter! dig in immediately. This is almost Video Days Les levels tbh

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No Sopranos, Godfather, The Wire. Can’t deal with Star Wars.

I don’t care what anyone say’s the way the characters are observed in Soprano’s makes it the best ever TV series for me. It’s so so well done.


I can understand The Wire as you have to concentrate and it takes ages to get used to the slang terms and doesn’t get good till the 3rd series the first time but Soprano’s is such easy viewing. You can put any episode on randomly and enjoy it on it’s own.

Ok man will give it a punt :slight_smile:

If anyone hasn’t watched Hey Duggee can thoroughly recommend. Paw Patrol not so much.

Has anyone on here not watched all the Hold Tight London’s - essential.


I’m way past that stage and onto video game shit on Youtube. Miss Paw Patrol tbh


Glad to see you say that.

Although I’ve seen every fucking episode because my ex-wife was right into it and sitting in confused silence with that on was always preferable than having to talk to each other.


The wire is still probably the best series I have seen. I have not watched a single Sopranos though.

Star Wars
Harry Potter
James Bond
Lord of the Rings
The Sopranos
The Wire
Godfather maybe the first one I can’t remember, which is the one where the dude shoots the waiter
Video Days
Most other videos pre-1999
Just about any other big film you can name I probably haven’t seen

Game of Thrones. Saw one episode 3 times when visiting the folks a few years ago, seemed alright, but never had a TV nor the inclination to torrent it. Seems alright though. Tits and fighting with dragons.


Yeah tits and fighting, it’s good and I hate jumping on bandwagons.

Always mean to watch it but then always forget.


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