Stuff you've not seen but probably should have.

Inspired by Les not seeing Video Days.

This thread is for posting things you’re ashamed to say you’ve not seen.

I consider myself quite film nerd but have never actually watched.

The Godfather Movies
The Lord of The Rings
The very first Star Wars (I’ve seen all the other ones)

I think i’ve seen almost all skate videos but…i’ve never watched Rubbish Heap or Love Child in full.

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Yeah just not got around to it.

Off topic but it took me ages to watch True Romance and now it’s probably top 3 fav. I think I thought it was a rom com haha.


That’s me! I watched the first one, loved it, and then decided to finish watching The Wire before committing to anything else. It takes me forever to finish watching a series, but I’m up to season 4 so nearly there.


I’ve not seen The Sopranos either.

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No Sopranos, Godfather, The Wire. Can’t deal with Star Wars.

Ok man will give it a punt :slight_smile:

If anyone hasn’t watched Hey Duggee can thoroughly recommend. Paw Patrol not so much.

Has anyone on here not watched all the Hold Tight London’s - essential.


Glad to see you say that.

Although I’ve seen every fucking episode because my ex-wife was right into it and sitting in confused silence with that on was always preferable than having to talk to each other.


The wire is still probably the best series I have seen. I have not watched a single Sopranos though.

Star Wars
Harry Potter
James Bond
Lord of the Rings
The Sopranos
The Wire
Godfather maybe the first one I can’t remember, which is the one where the dude shoots the waiter
Video Days
Most other videos pre-1999
Just about any other big film you can name I probably haven’t seen

Game of Thrones. Saw one episode 3 times when visiting the folks a few years ago, seemed alright, but never had a TV nor the inclination to torrent it. Seems alright though. Tits and fighting with dragons.


Yeah tits and fighting, it’s good and I hate jumping on bandwagons.

Always mean to watch it but then always forget.

Rubbish Heap, fair enough, but there’s some incredible skateboarding in Love Child.


Game of Thrones (But I don’t actually care that much)
Breaking Bad
I’ve only recently watched Trainspotting!

Don’t touch Game of Thrones with a 50 foot pole.

Great start. Decent middle. One of the best battle scenes ever amongst a load of shit episodes and then a final series of episodes that should’ve seen the writers dragged to the Hague by their balls.


Not bothered about GoT at all. I saw 5 minutes years ago and it was Dinklage talking to a dude on a throne for the time I had it on, boring. Never went back.

Me and the Missus watched first 2 seasons of better call saul and It got to the point where Breaking bad was starting to reference so I suggested the missus watch it. I had watched it all in a week when I was really ill with some flu thing and liked it but second viewing it felt really amateur and unbelievable. We didn’t bother past 3 Eps.

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Better call Saul was a real slow burner. I watched breaking bad again and then Saul. Took ages for it to finally get interesting.


I just did this. I was going on about how better call Saul was the best thing ever and better than breaking bad, now rewatching breaking bad and I think I forgot how slow better call Saul was. It literally took about two seasons to get anywhere

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I dropped out of Saul. Just felt like it was moving at a snails pace; which usually isn’t enough to stop me watching, but it was here.

Twin Peaks is something my wife watches every year and I still have yet to watch any episode…

I went on a big mission to work my way through a bunch of films years ago which I felt I should have seen…but I have owned The Third Man, M and the original Solaris for years and never managed to get around to watching them - even though I watched the Solaris remake and thought it was great. :confused:
Hammering through that did leave me with a few new favourite films, though (Like 12 Angry Men and The Lives of Others). Well worth it.

I’m in a group chat where everyone bangs on about the Sopranos almost daily. I don’t think they’ve realised I’ve not seen that either.

Saul is just my favourite show. Love how slow it is.

Never seen Twin Peaks, only watched Star Wars recently at the tender age of 30 and thought it was shite, never been interested in trying GOT and still not seen any of the Godfathers.