Stuff you've not seen but probably should have.

Can highly recommend Lost

lol joke biggest waste of time ever

Dead Slow Ahead has been on my watch list since it came out

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Pretty sure Star Wars is only good if you have that nostalgic tint of having loved it first time around as a kid. Objectively it’s actually not that great.

To my shame I still haven’t seen The Sopranoes. I keep saying I will then not getting around to it.

Lost Boys
Watched Sopranos years back to fill the days in the shop.
RE watched recently and it’s absolute gold.

Star Wars.

So when I was about 8 or something my dad had recorded a VHS of Return of the Jedi which I found and my mum said i’d like it, it was Sci Fi.

So I watched Return of The Jedi.

Then for some reason I found a VHS of The Empire Strikes Back which I watched.

The story did add up despite watching parts 3 and then part 2.

Then they released a new cut of the first 3 at cinemas when I was like 10 and I watched Return of The Jedi in the theatre as it was my favourite of the 2 i’d seen.

Then when I was like 13 or something they started to release the 3 weird movies Phantom Menace.
As a teenager these were cool but didn’t love them.

Then the latest 3 came out and I thought the Force Awakens was a really nice throwback to the original 3 or 2 in my case.

And i’ve still not seen the very first Star Wars film. Mainly because i’m not a massive nerd for the franchise despite liking the films.

Sopranos is on my watch list. Now I think I need to put it to the top. But where can I watch it? Already got Netflix and Disney+. Bet it’s on Amazon, right?

Doesn’t really fit with the thread title but I have no interest in, have never seen and don’t want to see Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars beyond the first three, Stranger Things or Walking Dead.

Tried to watch Heroes, Saul and Peaky Blinders but got nowhere.

Peaky Blinders was ok but then it created a weird sub genre of meatheads in flat caps.

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This got really shite really quickly.

Yeah I know that bit, that’s unavoidable.

Supposedly there’s a men’s barbershop somewhere that isn’t Peaky Blinders-themed, but I’ve yet to find it.


I’ve never seen any episode of Friends. People have looked at me like I’m a total freak when I have told them this.

I don’t know how you’ve avoided it to be honest.

It has taken some effort!

Probably been in the room when it’s been on, but same here. The trailers make it look shit.

Not sure it’s a ‘Should have seen’ though.

Yeah, I have no desire to start now.

Yeah nah but it’s not good or bad. It’s definitely better than The Big Bang Theory and shit like that though.

That looks like about the worst thing that’s ever been made. Well that, Love Island and Goggle Box.

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Best thing on TV.

See also Ex On The Beach (@Spanky a fan too)

Sure I watched it on Netflix recently.

Seems I didn’t, its on sky box sets though so it must have been there.

I have never, ever, proactively watched an episode of friends but whenever one comes on or I flick past one on the TV I have already seen it

A bit like sex in the city