Subscriber/Patreon Discussion thread

Make sure you’re not on the ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’ theme, try logging out/back in again, try clearing browser cache

No dice mate.

It should be in Preferences - Interface right?

I’m a twat ignore.

will get round to signing up later today,

quick question, is it possible and easy to change tiers at a later date. if so how?

I think you can change tiers through Patreon quite easily. I’ve not done it myself but it’s a üretty common thing to do.

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For anyone who is broke, the money won’t come out until 1st June.

So providing you can afford it at that time, sign up!

Please remember to use the email you signed up to this forum with.

Not a dealbreaker, I can fix it if you don’t it just makes it a bit easier for me to manage.

Its £3 though. I just did Paypal, then I can forget about it.


Support this place if you can.


I pledged last month, but on the Patreon website it says I have no subscriptions active, but the payment shows in the billing history with a repledge button.

Do you have to repledge every month or is it a rolling payment?

Rolling payment. My first one came out on the 1st.

Ah wierd, mine came out on the 25th, I’ll try the repledge button.

Build, your payment was set to come out in the first, along with Hugo’s and maybe someone else. After that I changed it so pledges come out immediately so not sure what’s going on. Will check when I get a spare minute just got off plane, heading to work and it’s fucking hectic. Thanks for your patience all!

As far as I know I think mine came out automatically on the first as well.

Let me know if I need to do anything else.

Just repledged. Came out instantly, but says it will come out on the 1st. Obviously no rush, appreciate yourve been busy :raised_hands:t2:

@Garlicnaan, it says in my patreon dashboard it will take 24 hours to update payments as there’s some issue (across all of patreon) so bear with me and I’ll check again tomorrow.

Do me a favour though, can you dm me the amount and date that payments were taken from your account and it’ll be quicker for me to check.

Cheers everyone!

Yeah mate no worries, like I said no rush.

Mine came out, dunno when but got an email.

Mine came out on the 3rd.

When I signed up it told me “You will be charged First of the month. 12am Pacific Time”.