Subscriber/Patreon Discussion thread

OK when I have time later on today (hopefully) I’ll do some testing, this didn’t happen for my test accounts. Apologies.

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Cheers Spanky - don’t knock yourself out over it.

Family / work / self first.

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I have themes and no ads.
Cheers again Spanky!!

How bout you @Garlicnaan @Les_Zeppelin?? Still seeing ads?

Not every time, I think I do the first time I open the forum, but once I’ve viewed a topic and gone back I don’t.

But will keep an eye on it.

Yeah same as naan. I don’t get ads everytime but every now and then after going back to the homepage I do.

Mind you I haven’t cleared my cookies so it’s probably that.

I also don’t really care if I get ads or not.

I care :heart:

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And that’s why we love you.


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