Supporting SOSs during the Corona pandemic

You do live in a tourist area I guess.

Do these skate shops happen to sell plastic cruisers and wetsuits too…?

SOSs should sell more stupid shit to stay open if they have to. Doesn’t make them bad.

I quite fancy a go with a yo yo.


No doubt, just wondering what other stuff they’re selling to not even need an online store. And wondering where I could get a few pallets of it.

Poppers, bongs and dildos.


Sooooo into skate shops and poppers for sure, be right good front cabinet

There was briefly a ‘420 skate shop’ in Leeds a couple years ago and I went in once, they had bongs in the same cabinets as wheels and the staff would send people to Welcome to get their boards gripped cos they couldn’t do it haha.


Wetsuits, yes. Plastic Cruisers, no. They’re a surf and skate shop. It’s fine. Most people down here surf and skate anyways (I don’t but no problem with it).

Yeah. Don’t sell too many skateboards and surfboards to tourists, but there is a big university here, so they sometimes buy something. I feel like it’s the locals that keep it going though. It’s definitely got a community vibe and lots of people who don’t skate/surf still shop there too. Not saying it’s a licence to print money, but they don’t think they can deal with the additional volume of being online.

“It’s a lovely idea, you’re a nice guy, but I’m afraid I’m out.”

Does Flatpost have a physical store?

I could be wrong (often am) but didn’t they open one to get access to certain accounts / product lines only available to bricks and mortar stores (something to do with Nike sb?). I’m thinking maybe ten years ago, guessing it’s long gone …


It looks like they’re still a thing?!

Pretty funny to scroll down and see Barney and Stu with “welcome” pages!

They did have a physical shop in Totnes @neddy that I visited once (that was more of an office space with clothes rails to be fair) No idea if it is still open now though.
I’m a big fan of Andy and the Flatspot guys. Always a pleasure to deal with.

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The owner is a colourful character :smiley:

On a related note…I notice that Parade has gone much less SOS focused. They have loads of non skate shops on there these days. Not what I thought they were about tbh.

Trying to be the new Amazon?

Dunno, thought I might be remembering things wrong but according to the Wayback machine the ‘WTF is Parade’ page has been updated recently to change the focus and they removed the ‘Letter to skateboarding’ that used to be on there so I’m not imagining it.

2019 - WTF is Parade?

Parade is an online marketplace where you can shop the best skate stores and brands in one spot. We are proud to present the best selection of products in a single location with the convenience of one checkout, one delivery service and 5* customer service."

2021 - WTF is Parade?

Parade is a marketplace and community that supports independence, bridging people and brands through creative connections.

A philosophy that takes local authenticity online, introducing new names to an audience that recognises talent, not boundaries.

Championing a culture that shares our passion for new brands and product.


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