Supporting SOSs during the Corona pandemic

This pandemic is going to have devastating effects on SOSs. I’m thinking it would be beneficial for forum users to try to buy maybe one thing from your local SOS, if you can afford it, every couple weeks. By mail order, obviously. Treat yourself to that pair of shoes or that board or those ABEC 30s or whatever. These guys and girls do so much for skating and they need us now more than ever. Good idea? Bad idea? Stupid idea?

find out where your local SOS is by going here:


Good idea. Unless they go for the full housebound lockdown thing for everyone, it’s actually a good time to skate. Everywhere has been quiet where I am and you don’t need to be near people to go on a solo mission or just a cruise

Without wishing to be a Debbie Downer skate but take it easy, you really don’t want to be needing any medical assistance for a fractured wrist or torn ligmanets right now.


Def need to support independent businesses as much as possible right now. Business has been low last week never mind over the coming months.

If you’re not struggling to support yourself of family right now too I would suggest seeing how you can make a local food bank donation too! They need all the help they can get currently.

If anyone is stuck for reading material whilst in self-quarantine check out my mates art bookshop (they’re legends and do a lot to support our area) and pick up some dope magazines, zines, or books:

I barely make it past little ollies and grinding curbs these days but you’re spot on

Thanks for the reminder @Spanky I always buy stuff from my local shop, or Legacy if the local doesn’t carry it. I guess I don’t buy that much these days, and they don’t do mailorder, but I’ll probably pick something up this weekend.

One step ahead of ya. As long as ParcelForce, DPD and UPS are doing their bit, I’m doing mine.

Since we’ll have to basically start from scratch after this I’m buying as much stuff as possible now.

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Very glad I bought some shoes off Slam City last week, and I’ll be buying some bits and bobs from other shops (and non skate businesses too) over the coming weeks, not fussed if I don’t get it for months.

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Check to see your local bricks and mortar SOS by going here:

Someone posted a link to a skate shop that stocked loads of mad shit, I can’t remember exactly what but thought it was super interesting, definitely a UK store, don’t know if anyone reading remembers? Bit vague I know

Ran by Tony Gale the freestyler. He loves spinning round on one wheel.

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That’s the one! Bookmarked and thank you

Local skateshop has shut it’s doors today, until things settle down. Got some wax at the weekend, but couldn’t justify buying much.

They still doing online?

I helped my mate (kvltivation) move over half his stock this morning from his shop at The XC skatepark to his house where he’s potentially going to do online sales if his insurance company don’t bail him out.
They closed so he has no choice but to do this.
A very testing time for our already incredibly fragile SOS network.

They don’t have an online store. They seem to have done okay without one.


I know. Weird, right, but they own 2 stores here and are busy enough without doing anything online.