Supreme - Piggy


Watched it earlier.
Filming much more agreeable and a good example of why fisheye is necessary is the Nick Stain Ollie into the crazy bank. Fisheye (rightly) makes it look like one of the craziest tricks ever, long lens makes it look like nothing.

Beyond that - Kadow and Rowan stood out the most. Was quite surprised by how (in context) mediocre some of the stuff was but I guess it’s a tour video really.

Agreed, that Nik Stain ollie in looked absolutely impossible with the fisheye.


The second angles saved a lot of those tricks.

It felt much more watchable than the previous few vids, probably because it was slightly more traditional in its presentation - the second angles seemed to soften Bill’s worse tendencies.

I wasn’t previously really a fan of Rowan, but he’s doing a lot of heavy lifting

Damn. I love a bit of Rowan.

What was that Vans video where he had that long lens line with a pressure flip noseslide?
That was a standout moment.

Rowan makes me feel like he is only in second gear. That’s not a dig I think he’s amazing. Get the impression he could do anything he wants to on a skateboard and it’s enjoyable to watch!

I enjoyed this one for the first time in forever. Loads more fisheye than usual. Rowan and Kader are too fucking good.

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Still not my thing, don’t enjoy Supreme vids but the skating is really good…Kader and Rowan are amazing. Why’s it black and white?


Another, shorter edit, this time in Paris.

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Filming has been more palatable in the last two edits. Yuto is very good isn’t he!

fucks sake street Yuto is really doing it for me. he’s rich now, he can just stop doing shitty comps and be legit


It’s like night and day watching street Yuto versus street league Yuto

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Yeah, but more vert too!

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Oh yeah that’s not what I meant. Happy to watch him skate a ramp just not boring park comps. Not gonna lie I didn’t realise he was this tidy in the streets. Style, trick selection etc all really good to watch

His flip tricks are great but they’re not robotic like when Shane Oneil skates street (ever)

What rock have you been living under?

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He can carry on winning comps while skating street and he’s still very much legit in my mind.

I wonder if he has a legit work visa? So he has to enter the comps? Meaning he can stay in the States longer. Rather than risk being on a tourist one. Like so many skaters have messed up over the years, being caught ‘working’, over staying, ect. Entering comps also helps him in getting to the Olympics, right? So maybe it’s just that?

oh that’s an interesting angle, didn’t think of that. he can’t just stay in the states and skate street can he?

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Profiles suggest he lives in California (or did), so I imagine he managed to get resident status.

He probably has an athlete’s visa. Jack O’Grady does which is how he’s been able to freely visit between Sydney and LA and now recently move to LA fairly easily.

Pure speculation here because they’ve got the same shoe sponsor but being on Nike, as big as it is with god knows how people that brand has endorsed in other sports from across the world, I wonder if they deal with the ins-and-outs of sorting it for the people who they sponsor.