The 2020 Quartersnacks Readers Poll

As there was a thread for the End of Decade round up, I figured this would be thread worthy and lead to some good discussion too.

Quartersnacks have got another Readers Poll ranking the best individual parts and full length videos of this year and there’s just over a day left to vote on it.

I’m sure it’s unanimously agreed that Tom Knox takes part of the year but, in the words of @Dent_Face, “feel free to post your choices here so we can judge you” - regarding everything else.

My picks for parts:

  1. Tom Knox - Atlantic Drift
  2. Austyn Gillette - Cheap Perfume
  3. AVE - Dancing On Thin Ice
  4. Mason Silva - Nike SB
  5. Jake Anderson - Cheap Perfume


  1. ‘Untitled’ by Michael Nicholas
  2. Credits - Vans/Shari White
  3. Jolie Rogue - Noah
  4. 2020 - Bronze
  5. Kitsch - Pass-Port*

Have at it, post some parts, argue about trousers, etc. Some good reminders of what’s been released this year via this Slap thread: Quartersnacks 2020 Readers Poll - Best Full Length & Best Individual Part

*Not sure if Kitsch actually counts. It came out in 2019 but after the original Readers Poll ended, and parts rolled out via Thrasher in early 2020.


Solid choices. Had a lot of trouble remembering 5 full lengths and working out what even counts as a full length anymore.

Full lengths:

  1. Lovenskate - Tea & Biscuits
  2. Giddy 11
  3. Deathwish - Uncrossed
  4. Anti-Hero - Quantinium
  5. Emerica - Green


  1. Alex Decunha - Krux trucks part
  2. Tommy May - Surfin’
  3. Tom Knox - Atlantic Drift
  4. Billy Trick by Will Miles
  5. Louie Jones - Palace Skateboards (the one where he moves to Glastonbury)
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adidas - Reverb
Anti Hero - Quantinium
New Balance - String Theory
Bronze - 2020
RB’s Brooklyn Banks video

Pretty sure this one also came out in 2019 but they took it down for music rights and reuploaded it this year. I was wanting to include but was unsure if it counts.

Oh yeah. Well I mean the cleared version.

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Going to bulldoze a vote for CV in there

Why isn’t @franc in it? Mans out everyday!

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Surely a troll


Hahaha! :kissing_heart:

Damn, I find it really hard to remember what stood out. Or what I saw.
There are so many vids that I really can’t wait to see then watch once and never think about again these days. Weird times. Heroin vids used to be the bomb, really fun to watch, now you’re halfway through a new one and feel like playing sudoku.

  • Knox with the section of the year for sure
  • Chico’s 7 x 7 if it counts
  • I don’t know if this counts but Pat Burke’s section in the $lave vid was rad and made me happy
  • Gilbert in the new Vans video of course
  • Every section Gustav released, Reverb and the others if there were any

“And our survey said…”


That and Untitled were the best for me.

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This came out after they polled I think.