The Bunt

With Korahn Gayle

A surprisingly enjoyable episode with Sean Pablo. Seems like a level headed and nice dude.

Some great tales in this!

Looks like korahn won the trip to Canada to be on the bunt

Cephas absolutely destroyed Sebo Walker this week and I’m really glad he did.

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Yes, he did!

The Dom Henry episode was really good. His Muska story was incredible.

Just listened to the Dom episode. Such a rad dude. Liked the Wenning story too.

Hahaha, yes, good one. So many options in Wagamama, why would anyone order a bowl of white noodles and a bowl of white rice?!? Plus he couldn’t play the this-is-in-Spanish/French/German/Italian, I don’t get it card.

I wonder what the Ryan Smith story was. I bet it was gnarly, weird or embarrassing.

He sounds like he told it but it got cut out? Just the way it jumped.

I think he said he couldn’t tell it.

He said ‘I don’t know if I should’, thinking for a second, then it cuts.

Ah yeah right.

He was on it last Season? Season 8?

Which episode does Sebo get chewed out in?

Such a good rant!

Pretty sure it was in the latest one, with Louie Lopez.

He’s not the most well spoken interviewee they’ve had but this one was good nonetheless.

I’d also completely forgotten about this:

Scott Kane needs to be talked about more

His Bootleg 3000 part was waaaaay ahead of its time and he was only 16


Too right, I’m going on a bit of binge of his parts now.

That Scott Kane part was sick. Some naughty ones in there.