The Christmas Thread ‘22

I thought it might be nice to post up what you’re getting up to over the weekend & Boxing Day…
Wrapping the last of your presents, toasting or booing the King’s Speech (or ignoring it all together).
Your favourite traditions, songs, any nice gifts you might of received and how much you ate or drank? Maybe you cook the family meal or covid has robbed you of enjoying the taste? Just something to help people get and stay in the mood hopefully.

If you’re on your own for whatever reason, maybe let the forum know and between us, I’m sure we can keep you company?

I’m going into town for some last bits later, not that I need anything. Just one final look about. So shouldn’t be any stress, as it usually starts to quieten down later too, then get home to watch - The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse at 4.55pm, as the kids love the book, hopefully something new at Christmas to rival the Snowman?


My mother in law had taken it upon herself to have Christmas Eve as her day. So she has come round with loads of bin fodder for the kids, rather then getting them things based on what they actually like she just buys shite. So I’ve come to hide upstairs.


My ex-mother in-law was like that. Did all her Christmas shopping for the kids in 20mins at B&M. The first things with in reach, that looked age appropriate. That then always got forgotten about by Boxing Day and chucked out on the first bin day. Instead of just buying them one nice thing that they’d love. I know that sounds ungrateful but you knew how much little effort and thought was put in too.


Spending this weekend with my lady in our newish house so just watching tv and going for walks is the plan.

Just hoping to rest and enjoy it, I do want a basic roast tomorrow and have a few things in but not exactly what you’d call the works. Might try to buy some turkey later today.

Have a good one all!


Weighing up whether to go to my parents tonight or first thing tomorrow. I’m spending Xmas night and Boxing night there with my daughter, if all goes to plan. 3 nights with them might be a bit strenuous.

I am going to eat meat on Xmas day. First time in 3 years. Kinda excited, tbh.
Xmas is normally great at my parents. And then Xmas night at my aunts with about 30 people is a laugh as she organises a load of games, etc. for everyone. Boxing Day should be good too with my brother coming over and his kid and my daughter get on really well.

I’m going to do Xmas 2.0 with the lady on the 28th, too. Should be fun. Grazing party snacks is the plan…


I’m currently sat watching my wife’s niece and nephew opening presents and I’m so bored.

Can’t wait to get to my parents house in a couple of hours. Going to drink and eat with my brothers for 48 hours straight.

Fucking love Christmas and we cut back on other stuff all year to make it nice at Christmas, so it’s unapologetically like a Richard Curtis film at times. Not proper big presents but more like spending on the food and drink etc.

Picked up a 5kg Turkey butterfly yesterday from the farm shop which is now sealed in a bag with sage and lemon butter ready to sous vide tonight ready for tomorrow. Sound super wanky but it’s guaranteed amazing meat rather than the roast roulette of it coming out all dry and fucked. Went to a local carol concert with mulled wine to get in the mood.

Just got back now from the local wine bar (which lets kids in) with the immediate family and grandparents.

My 7 year old got some Christmas flowers hand delivered from her suitor at primary school this morning. Very sweet. Bloody Mary beef stew for tea tonight with everyone. Food is all prepped for tomorrow and presents all wrapped.

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but this is probably my favourite two weeks of the year


Was meant to see my parents tonight then have a Christmas at home with just the mrs and kids then off to the inlaws for Boxing Day but all that’s out the window. My parents have just dropped round all the kids presents and a huge hamper but there’s no point digging into it because i can’t taste anything. Think we’re going to try and have Christmas 2.0 some time next week when we test negative but until my taste comes back it’s pretty pointless

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I fucking hate Christmas


I’m not a massive Xmas fan but I do get to spend it with my folks in Scotland, where I actually end up working on their house ha. Just spent 3 hours today taking out their broken dishwasher and installing their new one . Then on Boxing Day and after I’m gonna be clearing some trees and landscaping for them .
I do get rewarded with good food and booze so win win .


I’m not a fan of the build up but quite like it once it’s here.

Got my folks round for a roast dinner tomorrow. Board games / maybe a bit of telly, etc.

Merry Christmas Forumers!


My son is now old enough to understand the santa thing so I’ve got that christmas build up feeling that i haven’t had since I was a kid.

Hyped to see his little face tomorrow morning.


I bet you can’t wait till the cat and mouse “try hide the presents “ starts in the coming years haha! We used to find them all the time , so much so my parents had to ask the neighbours to take them hahaha! Pissed my old man off so much in a fun way

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Lovely stuff. That’s what it’s all about - enjoy it!

Mine is a teen now so the magic is gone and I’m back to being mostly humbug.


Always get nervous doing the eve ham but it came out banging. Enjoy a picture of my dinner


We’ve got my brother in law and father in law up from Cornwall this year. Been a hectic couple of days doing bits round the house and getting presents sorted etc but finally relaxing.

They’ve just gone off to an Xmas eve church service (her dad is very much "of faith), while I have nipped to my local for a couple of pints. Gonna link back up shortly for a balti and I’ll be getting an early night before tomorrow’s hosting duties.

Got my mum joining us and my wife is cooking bless her. Don’t envy it at all. Hopefully be a relaxed day only he whole. Already put got a couple of hours at the pub boxing day locked in so I can watch the football with a few of the lads. All in all hoping to unwind and let go of all the stress of a tough year both professionally and personally.

Hope you all have a great one!



Merry Christmas you jerks.

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