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Haha shit you could even have just done a PowerPoint or Google slides presentation, that would’ve been even easier

I wanted to have the flexibility to do more than just a slideshow, previously I just had the pics I wanted as the desktop background and rotated through those but I wanted to add a header, a clock, animations etc so coding it myself has worked ok so far.

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iMac won’t start up. Bit of a nightmare as I’ve got an unfinished job on there. Any ideas? It’s stuck on the loading bar

Un plug for a while, try pram 3 times, no luck, hold option on start up and select the hd to boot from.

Sounds like it’s just had a shandy’s and needs to remember the way home.

Ive also found that if I take out all usb sticks etc that can help too.

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Thanks! I’m still struggling with it… Got it on recovery mode, am trying to back stuff up… It won’t reinstall os

Does safe mode let you hit up disk utility for a disk repair?

Followed a tutorial and cobbled together an automated boolean creator in MS Excel…

We can now input a big list of company names and the code transforms it into a boolean string with “name 1” OR “name2” OR “name 3” etc. This will save us hours of time and effort.

Obvs I didn’t tell my Director’s that I found a tutorial to do it and now they think i’m a fucking matrix hacker! hahaha


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Can someone please explain to me how I connect two pages into a single spread after importing several files together in Indesign.
The shuffle options are on but nothing’s moving…?

Has it got something to do with the master pages being different?

Are those all currently single pages? The dialogue box is a bit in the way to see…

You should be able to just drag them into place.

Just spotted you have a section marker…

Go to the first page in that second group (459), go to numbering and section options in the flyout menu, uncheck ‘start section’.

Should join them automatically, or failing that let you then drag into place…

@Midget you’re the man! This sounds right.
I had figured this out once a couple of years ago. It took writing a second book to need to figure it out again. Thanks

Easy to forget stuff in Indesign if you don’t use that specific function for a while.

Tab leaders is the one I can never remember…

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