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iMac won’t start up. Bit of a nightmare as I’ve got an unfinished job on there. Any ideas? It’s stuck on the loading bar

Un plug for a while, try pram 3 times, no luck, hold option on start up and select the hd to boot from.

Sounds like it’s just had a shandy’s and needs to remember the way home.

Ive also found that if I take out all usb sticks etc that can help too.

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Thanks! I’m still struggling with it… Got it on recovery mode, am trying to back stuff up… It won’t reinstall os

Does safe mode let you hit up disk utility for a disk repair?

Followed a tutorial and cobbled together an automated boolean creator in MS Excel…

We can now input a big list of company names and the code transforms it into a boolean string with “name 1” OR “name2” OR “name 3” etc. This will save us hours of time and effort.

Obvs I didn’t tell my Director’s that I found a tutorial to do it and now they think i’m a fucking matrix hacker! hahaha


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Can someone please explain to me how I connect two pages into a single spread after importing several files together in Indesign.
The shuffle options are on but nothing’s moving…?

Has it got something to do with the master pages being different?

Are those all currently single pages? The dialogue box is a bit in the way to see…

You should be able to just drag them into place.

Just spotted you have a section marker…

Go to the first page in that second group (459), go to numbering and section options in the flyout menu, uncheck ‘start section’.

Should join them automatically, or failing that let you then drag into place…

@LittleMan you’re the man! This sounds right.
I had figured this out once a couple of years ago. It took writing a second book to need to figure it out again. Thanks

Easy to forget stuff in Indesign if you don’t use that specific function for a while.

Tab leaders is the one I can never remember…

Hi lads,

My website ( is flagged as a porn site.
Does anyone know how get me registered as a not filthy site that people with child filters and work computers can use?
If you do, let me know how much you’d charge me to fix it. I know it’s simple I just can’t be arsed


Risky click that was.


Coincidence maybe but after googling PCR test availability and visiting various sites earlier today I came to log on here and it gave me the page:
Your connection is not private and the code: NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID

Has anyone run into this? All I can find is some date and time discrepancy, not in sync etc but all is good on that front.

I managed to overide and get on here eventually to ask this question to you geniuses but it’s happening with quite a few sites, some really regular ones, of course, this one being the weirdest one.
Anyone have any ideas?

Try clearing your browsing history, cache, ect…

Already done. can it actually be like the answers suggest that the website has got some issue, something expired?
Only reason I am thinking this is that partner at work said that our cloud external HD was unreachable because of expired packets from yesterday… or something. I have no idea what i’m talking about ha.

I’ve got a bunch of mini dv tapes. What’s the best way to capture these days? Seen some standalone boxes/USB plug in things on Amazon, and some devices by “Black Magic” but overwealmed. Ideally I’d like to not have to get another camcorder as the firewire failed stopped working on my last 2.

as far as i know there’s no conceivable way any “usb to firewire” devices exist as they’re different interfaces. i think the capture methodology for firewire hasn’t really changed much in the skate world since it’s inception, maybe on the software side of things but hardware wise still similar.

you still need a way to playback tapes which leaves you with either A: a camcorder or B: a tape deck. tape decks go for silly money so realistically you’ll have to grab another camcorder - you can easily grab a cheapo one off ebay, i picked up a jvc dvl9500 to handle all my tapes for £35 and it’s been pretty damn solid. ofcourse then you also run into the risk of a second hand camera having buggered heads.

ontop of that you’ll then obviously need a computer with firewire; desktop can easily grab a pci/pcie firewire card, if you have a mac with thunderbolt i believe they also produce a thunderbolt to firewire adapter. if you have a laptop you’re probably shit out of luck.

that being said, if you still have those 2 cams with the dead firewire ports i’d assume they have AV out? if so you could do the cameras AV out into some sort of USB AV capture device ie a dazzle dvc 170 and capture that way, though this won’t be the same quality as firewire and if you cheap out on the adapter that’ll also cripple the quality a bit.

failing that, i’m pretty sure there’s also services that will digitize minidv tapes but i’d imagine the cost would add up depending on how many tapes you have.

sorry for the wall of text, any other firewire related questions hit me up.


Thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile:

Both my DV cameras have dead firewire ports but the Sony one also has a HDMI socket, so I got a hdmi to usb 3.0 dongle, but not great quality and so was just wondering if there was a standalone version - as doesn’t work well with my regular pc.

I have an old pc with firewire port but seems tempremental and not sure if this is the cause of the 2 firewire ports no longer working on the cameras - don’t want to have to get another camera, for it to happen again.

The Sony camera does have regular AV and I have a Canapus analogue to digital converter, but this doesn’t work (did work for converting vhs a few weeks back) which makes me think it could be the firewire port in my pc that has gone.

I also tried a DV converter guy last week and he was hopeless, he was just down the road as didn’t want to risk posting the tapes but the quality was worse than my hdmi to usb dongle.

You’ve helped in the sense that I now know the best option is to get a replacement firewire card and another camcorder.

HDMI to USB would work but really you’d need a proper capture device for it, dongles in general are pretty shite as afaik it also has to do all the processing of the footage, so cheap ones don’t cut it. Some that spring to mind are the Hauppauge HD PVR, Elgato Game Capture HD, Elgato HD60, etc - they’re mostly used by gamers to capture gameplay/stream but they should work fine for your use case and I’d imagine maybe some of the Elgato ones would be cheap to buy second hand as there’s an abundance of them.

What spec of hardware/OS does the PC with firewire have? Windows 10 is a bit iffy with Firewire cards/ports, I had to enable legacy drivers for my card to work properly:

I find it odd that both cameras ports would die, but there is a lot of practice (or atleast hearsay) about using firewire correctly, not connecting the camera while the PC is running and so forth (which may explain why my canons firewire port is dead…) but knowing how finnicky firewire is I’d say it’s probably the PC’s port. Luckily PCI/PCIe cards are relatively cheap now.

Good luck with the tapes :slight_smile: