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Why not dropbox/gdrive/onedrive?


You could try Resilo Sync, it’s based on BitTorrent - Resilio Sync - Wikipedia.

I’ve tried what you’re talking about before with no luck. The only ways I can think of doing it without Dropbox, etc. would be with a NAS (as it’s already networked and made for remote sharing) or some public shared folders on your PC in Windows. But that second option would be a clusterfuck for viruses, trojans, etc. The NAS (Synology) works as I could upload from work via a browser to the NAS and have the files available when I got home - if you don’t have that hardware, it’ll cost a fuckload.

Yeah haven’t got anything like that unfortunately.

@dontcomply do you know how to FTP into a PC? I use filezilla for our website but no idea how to set it up for something like that.

@Spanky it’s a very big folder so don’t want to shell out for cloud hosting to just move some files from one PC to another

can’t say i’ve done it myself but it doesn’t look like it’s too hard to setup

Setting up FTP will be a nightmare on a work computer, usually have to have some kind of port forwarding on your router and companies don’t like doing that.

Might be USB stick time

Cheers I’ll try and have a walk through that, otherwise yeah might be a USB job :confused:

Anyone ever dealt with out of sync audio when capturing anything VHS/8MM etc before? I’ve had this issue with a few things I’ve captured recently and it was fine on just another re-capture, but this one file I’ve done just doesn’t want to stay in sync at all.

I’ve used Virtualdub (32 bit) and then Handbrake to try to rectify it, but no joy.

EDIT: Nevermind! I fixed it manually just by unlinking the audio track in Premiere Pro, then cutting seconds off the start and lining it back up to match up with the video.

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What were you capturing in? I’ve had this recently, too…

I use Virtualdub (32bit over the 64bit, the latter tends to not work properly).

It can be down to the tape, the VCR or possibly the device as well, but I managed to fix the other ones by running it through Handbrake to rectify the issue.

I think you can adjust the timing settings within VDub, but that only works half of the time.

I think that I was capturing and having the same issue - but I converted the files to prores and it just fixed it.
I think it is a keyframe problem…

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Is it DV, VHS or 8mm by the way?

It’s Hi8

Ah ok. Probably the same woes as other analogue tape then perhaps, if it’s not the keyframes? Most people on forums were saying any drop in frames or dodgy tapes/VCRs or capture devices would do it, too.

Glad you managed to fix it, though. It’s annoying when it does happen since manually doing it was rather tedious work last night.

Every other time the trick with constant FPS selected in Handbrake fixed it bang on. So, that’s a shout if you haven’t tried it before.

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It probably doesn’t help V-Dub doesn’t properly pick up the device, so I can’t select anything in the ‘video source’.

Can anyone on here give me a steer on Facebook marketing?

Just before Covid hit my wife bought into a kids phonics franchise (she rents venues in her designated area and teaches phonics to pre-school kids and toddlers). It’s only been 4 months or so since she actually started and I know new business can take a while to get going, but the uptake has been really slow so far. I was wondering if targeted fb group ads might help…

I know nothing at all about this so was hoping for a clue on approx cost, how to do it, and also if it’s maybe the right way to go or not.

Only having one income coming in is proving a bit of a strain so any help really appreciated…

Anyone got any knowledge of digital signage? I’ve got a second monitor hooked up to the PC at work and want to create and automatically display content (without paying for a service) but this seems way more complicated than it should be. Tried which almost works but I can’t choose which sceen it displays on

You could do it in HTML and just fullscreen your browser on that window

So, how do I get rid of that great big cover image on a playlist??
It takes up so much real estate.

View>Show View Options>Show Artwork is turned OFF.

Is it now impossible to turn of cover images on a playlist?

It is even worse if you have several albums in a playlist (Which is pretty much every playlist I have).

I thought this was a mad suggestion but ended up giving it a go and learned a lot, got it looking pretty good. Thanks for the suggestion

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