The Contest Thread

So looks like there is a good chance that there won’t be any males from the UK competing in the Olympics then:

Assuming this list is somewhat correct.

Well the best male UK skaters wouldn’t touch the Olympics with a barge pole and probably never pass the drug test either . So never a chance of the rest getting in the top 20.
Looks like the BBC will just have to go over hype tastic on the kid Sky in the female park comp. She’s well GB :joy:

There are two big end-of-qualifying comps where the top 3 finishers will go to the Olympics regardless of their previous points tallies. One for park, one for street. Maybe Sam Beckett will defy the odds and get through.

Be thankful Sky Brown chose to represent us.

Who are the best UK skaters? Realistically there was always only a slim chance of us getting anyone there.

Alex Decuhna’s dad will not be having this.


Best UK skaters …
you can start here for one …UK SOTY 2019 Poll
Not many Team GB in there

Yeah cos she really represents grass roots UK skating. Anyway been discussed many times :sleeping:

Pretty sure that was a joke. Like much of this.

Ah , I know there’s sports England invested folk on here so you just don’t know at times :joy:

Up the punx! Get as many shit corporate sponsors as possible! Fuck style!

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Probably thinks he’s Steve Olson.

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So after all this absolute nonsense about olympic skateboarding we didn’t even qualify?



The only record dechuna can break is Guinness ones

Surely we can take one of Russia’s places now they’ve been banned from all sporting events for fours years? Oof.

Is skateboarding in the Paralympics?

Or just save the embarrassment and stay out of the Olympics

Haha, yeah that too.


An absolute farce and waste of time for all involved.

Maybe we should put some effort and money in when we have a genuine shot at qualifying…

De Cuna needs to keep training for 2024.

the only qualifying event there should be would only be to decide who we’re sending.

Hopefully it would have failed by 2024 as it’s not as spectacular to watch as the now acrobatical snowboarding, only skaters know what they’re watching. Then it’s dropped and all the bandwagon cunts fuck off , the corporates show thier true colours and drop everything and everyone.
Skating returns to skaters and the seas of pushy parents training little Timmy for a gold will have to aim for SLS instead or something else with a trophy for the shelf.

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