The Contest Thread



Holy shit imagine being the person that has to handle that account. Imagine the things you would see.

Let us all pray that Sky stays safe!

Dunno about praying, hope everyones alright – looks like the start of a shit show to me.

If you’re on Red Bull or Monster do you have to pretend you’re skint, so little Johnny in Iowa will send in that $5?

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I imagine drinking Monster is like a Trump dose of bleach, so they’ll all probably be ok.

I don’t get how the Japanese have only vaccinated 20% of their population. Wtf have they been doing? It seems so unlike the Japanese to not have handled that efficiently. No wonder people are pissed off. Such a bummer to be trying to do the Olympics during all this. Really feel for them

Vaccine hesitancy plus the fact that they handled the initial pandemic well enough that there wasn’t the same sense of urgency apparently.


Thanks, Mark. I wasn’t aware of that. Crazy situation

Just watching Sky Brown’s runs from the weekend. Holy shit she’s good

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Her kf Indy was beautiful

Nigel’s Insta Story pranging out at the athlete acom and “no sex beds” is hilarious. Well worth a watch.

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Meanwhile yuto “I don’t see the problem “

Can’t wait for the chaos to start when I get my new disorder deck


Gonna be fascinating seeing Nigel not have the crowds there



The entire Menace team/MK Bus station crew of the 1990s would like a word

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Bristol transplant in China, Login • Instagram , is at the Tokyo games as a coach with the Chinese team. It’s been interesting to see what he’s been up to over the past few years, and how goddamn enormous the streetpark is.

*Dan Wileman. Nice one autocorrect…

Never thought I’d be able to bet on a skate contest


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