The Continually Updated Footage Thread


Abnormal trousers in thumbnail.


In a casper stall no less.


It’s Gonz. He gets a pass for everything indeed.


I do appreciate everything that Gonz has done and continues to do in Skateboarding but I’ve always found him irritating.
Maybe he is less that guy anymore as he calms with age.

As a middle aged knacker slash Gonz enthusiast I really enjoyed that.

More please!

Will nick this for the Gonz thread.

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Kader skating to Shine A Light in Baker 4, fuck yes.


Have you got a link?

I don’t have a link but yeah, that new Baker video is fucking great.

We transfer and paste a link

WeTransfer maybe.

Up to 5GB free transfers…



woah haha.

It’s alright. Some other lej hooked me up!

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Someone hook me up?

Thanks for all the links.

Baca with a wife beater in that ditch is so good hahaha.

We need the link!!! btw someone has the zero video one?

Friday 29th November. I don’t know what it will be on or if they will be doing physical copies though. Slap had some links for it earlier.


Zero video being re-edited I hear…after it got leaked and slated…

Overall, the Baker video’s pretty sick. Was always going to be difficult to follow up their videos, but I thought they did a decent job with this.

The good:
-Kader, T-Funk make for a really good opening couple of sections.
-Some of the older dudes delivered - Baca, Spanky, Dollin even!
-Music choices were pretty sick throughout. Hall & Oates made Theotis’ section.
-Rowan and Figgy close the video in a pretty satisfying way.

The not so good:
-Fuck it felt long. Dragged in the middle especially.
-Reynolds has to come in and save a few sections - Herman, Jacopo. Means his actual section is quite short.
-Jacopo has had better footage elsewhere this year. Felt Baker should have done more with him.
-They all skate this one stair set where they do a flatland trick then something down the stairs. The stairs are kind of big but not massive. Should have left it for the older guys’, seeing it over and over kind of devalued it. Did they all need more footage near the deadline or something?