The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Case in point, his winning run at tampa Pro was boring as fuck compared to the winning runs in previous and subsequent years

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I remember Shane from when I was in Melbourne, skated with him a few times and he thrashed me at SKATE even then (and this was when I thought I was the shit as I’d just won London game of SKATE). Always had backwards hat and the sunburnt shape of the rising sun permanently on his forehead.


That was well cmoac, apols



Nah it only would’ve been proper check me out if you’d told us how you gave him a letter on some horrible switch pressure flip revert you’d been working on for years


He might not have done a big “legit” one but he was defo interviewed at least once before that!

That ESG tune is gangster

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Stoked on the Mary Chain in a skate vid too.


That Zach kid is well handy- never even heard of him before


So good

He’s so sick

Loved it all.

The whole thing was rad , love how it shows age isn’t a thing when it comes to skating and everyone’s on the same level. So rad.

Was awesome that video. He released it yesterday because it was his wife’s birthday

I concur with y’all, that was a bloody dope edit.

Hate to be a contrarian, but how many times has ‘UFO’ been used in a skate video? Either the original or the sample - I would think a lot.

Also J&MC:

Gustav rocking a Kool Keith Sex Style tee.
The best just got better.

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Loved this, some right crusty spots with mad levels of skating. Good vibes vid too :metal:t3:

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