The Continually Updated Footage Thread

I ride 7.75. Had my last pair of wheels so lo G they’d gone down to like 47mm or something ridiculous like that. It was really fun. Only just replaced the wheels back to 53mm, feel like my board is super high now

Dave Caddo rules.

this latest raw tapes from josh stewart is so damn good. skate trip to the amazon.

some epic adelmo clips in there too. wonder if he’s ever accidentally run over a dread after landing a trick? :thinking:

those ones with the strap absolutely hum

Dom Henry section posted here is excellent.
Great skating and some UK hip hop.
What’s not to like?


Dom is unbelievable.


That final Oski line in the Polar Nike clip is proper magical shit

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This is SO fucking good. And gnarly. Especially the dirt jumping bit. (Apols if ABP)

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its like he just took something from a few people on hockey, put them in a cauldron and proclaimed THIS IS ME, heavy ben kadow/kevin rodrigues vibes. no hate tho kinda digging it, that pole drop in was fucked.

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Yeah. That video has weird vibes. Started off like a Hockey rip off then they went to Japan to do some rail chomping?

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Proper Kevin Fitzgerald

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Jesus christ, that dude even mimics Kadow’s facial expressions.

He’s probably just as good as, if not technically better than, both Ben K and K-Rod but that was hard to watch in parts.

Credit where it’s due - I liked the street grab delayed frontside 180 manoeuvre near the start.

That was banging! Whoever made it Strobeck’d the fuck out of the filming and editing but that dude was pretty fucking sick at skating.

damn that nyberg trick is fucking mega

That fact thing was utter wank to watch. The filmer is too busy trying to get the skater in to copy THAT look that he misses the trick and the spot every time. You barely get an idea of what they are doing. The skating would be good if it wasn’t overshadowed by complete tryhard fabrication. 2 out of 10.

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ahhhhh man that was fucking quality

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