The Continually Updated Footage Thread

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Yeah really made me enjoy his footage less

Only now getting round to that Nike Trust Fail vid, stoked on Casper Brooker and Blake Carpenter. That 360 nollie at 18.50 was just fantastic, all thanks to the filming.

As much as the people in this forum get all negative about both the Berrics and Chris Cole, I quite like this.

I had to look up which Transworld part impressed me and I found In Bloom but I am sure he was in an earlier one.

This current trend of wallieing, slappieing or bonelessing into anything, those trousers, the tucked in tees, the Polar grip jobs and all that shit is getting so out of hand in France, it’s surrealistic. You’re out there skating and feel like you are in a weird dream.

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They are just so different man. Oh wait no, they look and skate the same as every other ducking dude who is like that.


As someone asked about the alley-oop backside flip and bigspin flip over Meanwhile 2 after the Sean Malto nollie flip discussion - I found the 2008 clip with both of them in.
They’re at the end - Snaddon and Wileman respectively.


There were so many good little edits of jams like this from around that time. :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

What ever happened to Owen Hopkins Aka thebighoppa?

Last I heard, was that he fully dipped out of Bristol for the dormitory town nearby called Keynsham to live in a houseboat with his lady and they’ve since had a kid. He was getting into woodwork and furniture restoration last time I talked with him, so hopefully he’s still ok.


Exactly, I don’t even think they’re trying to be different or anything, they just conform to the trend of the moment, which is what most teenagers (and therefore most skaters) do.

Insert screenshot of Ali in ‘Sorry’ - ‘Define your style man’


This is sick

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That was heavy, back t into that steep bank is fucked.

So much ill shit in this part. The frontside noseslide on the blue curved ledge was delicious. The frontside ollie to back 3 out of the container thing was incredible too. Well, everything was. Rad first song. What a champion.

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Banging part there.
Vast majority of it was shot in and around Helsinki too, rather than on filming missions off to Barcelona or China somewhere.

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Instant bonus points, be it in Helsinki, Manchester, Rome or any place that’s not a classic filming destination. Fuck flying over half a planet to film 3 ledge lines. There are ledges everywhere.

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Eniz section was really fucking great, wonder if he filmed any of that post having a baby or not !

Eniz is a fucking beast

Totally. Helsinki definitely punches above its weight as a skate destination, it has stacks of spots and parks.

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