The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Yeah, I get what you’re saying about his style (or lack of). I posted it mostly because of the footage of the rest of the Real team. Olsen ticks the boxes and gets the job done but there’s not a lot of steeze or flair going on. Technically good yet quite forgettable…and there’s the energy drink sponsor too.

That pretty much sums it up.

So that was a Rockstar not a menace star…?

It’s like a computer generated part, like the software struggled to inject the style algorithm and it’s just a humanoid doing the (very good) tricks but with no characteristics.

He’s a bit like if DeTuna had a conscience/sense of shame.

Same wavy arms arse sticking out style but without the nauseating trick selection.

What? Nothing like it.

It’s the pants. He dresses like its 2010. No one sensible does that.

But yeah, kinda styleless…needs the right fit to cover it up.

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Jesus, thats an achievement, Real aren’t exactly the edgiest team are they?


I saw someone on Slap called Olsen a ‘ginger Malto’… that hits the nail right there.

Tweak put together another lo-fi visual ting-a-ling featuring me and all the boyos.

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Is this old? Not seen it before.

Hmmm, it’s almost like The Berrics have sneaked in the use of ‘on video’ in there to make people think it was by On Video? It also looks like The Berrics first put it out in 2016 as well, never seen it too mind.


Not watched yet but Spencer and Primitive dont disappoint


Yes, that was most pleasant.

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Really enjoyed that, never seen it before but it was the year I started skating again, so had lots of catching up to do.

So much love for reynolds , an absolute ATV . And the Ravers video brought back many early memories of his footage blowing my mind for what looked like a grom.

And he’s still killing it now . Inspiration for us old brian cants .


That was amazing. Really enjoy Primitive parts, rarely disappoint.

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That was great. Why can’t the graphics meet the standard that skaters and videographers are at?

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Everything about that was great, the trick selection, the filming and editing.
My heart sinks a little when I see a part is filmed on VX, but that filmer seems to know what he is doing as the footage looked way better than most other VX stuff recently.
Hope the NB shoes means he is on the team, he is too good to not have a shoe sponsor.

Note: You might want to mute the first song, it’s truly terrible.

Didn’t think it was possible to make Ishod unwatchable but that song is getting close

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