The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Yep I found it very dull and my brain switched off half way through. I’m not invested in the brand enough to force myself to engage so started drifting off. Then Louie did that noseslide to bs tail and my brain switched back on for a few seconds. Then back off.

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Love watching Durao, he’s so stinky in the most beautiful stylish way. Kinda swoon on the dude.


Same. Being that loose on big stuff is so hazardous, but the fact he doesn’t kill himself emphasises how much control he has. Those Pyramid ledge switch heel back 5-0/back smith attempts at full speed are a good example.

I agree, but he did get run over by a cyclist in this!

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Wow yeah, I agree.
For something that kinda seems like it’s wanting to take the well trodden, dull standard format and seriousness out of brand output and go against the grain, this does a real good job failing because it looked sooo serious, dull and worn out that I preferred to get back to work rather than sit though it.

It’s 2021, a collection of good tricks in a montage means nothing to me any more.
Very whatevs despite Louie being sick as ever.


That could have been 5minutes


Yeah, could have done without the LES montage at the start. Also, did they actually get any clips on AVE’s curvy bench that they carted all the way to Tompkins?!

That was such a boring way to start the video. And it just kept on going. Even Instagram park footage doesn’t last that long.

Looking forward to seeing the crew skate a box on a driveway that one of their dads made next.


The majority of it was pointless but louies fakie flip on the quarter/wall and AVE’s alley oop wallride into the little wheelchair cut we’re amazing.
Also enjoyed Diego Todd’s skating. He doesn’t do anything stand out or unique but he just looks good doing it

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absolutely love this geez

ollie one foot the double set to little nose skid around the corner at 6.27 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

willy grind nose grab was outrageous

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Feedback era. Good stuff.
No sure why but a rollerblade video was the next video on YT autoplay for me. Ended up watching a bity because the bladers were skating a load of common skate spots. The grind thing at 2:36 made me think I can easily see Pedro Delfino or someone doing a boardslide transfer there.

Latest Doggy Piss edit (Osaka street skating). Love these.

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