The Continually Updated Footage Thread

I skated Kultur Forum over ten years ago and it was so sick. The thing that makes it unique is the angles and textures.
Funnily enough, a lot of the locals spent most of their time skating the music spot round the corner - the one christian henry wallie crooks and kevin white 360 flip nosemanuals. My memory of that manual pad was that it was slicker than an ice rink. I might be making this up but I’m pretty sure coca cola was poured on it and no one cared. At least a good dusting because on a bit of dust and you were flying off the ledge.
I think there’s another massive plaza style ledge spot nearby too and the wall ride alongs with the gap in between.

Coca Cola used to get poured on a lot of stuff to stop it slipping out. It was pretty standard on metal mini ramps everywhere…and slick manny pads. A very early 90’s thing.

Worked a treat though.

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Don’t feel this should get lost here… Is there a more appropriate thread?

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Fuck me that was soooooo boring. Was genuinely a chore to get to the end.


not just me then

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This is ace. It reminds me of Gregg Turkington’s “On Cinema, On Location” for any Greggheads out there.

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Nice. Solid part. Surprised that it hasn’t had more discussion tbh.

That was rad. Dom is so good. V bomb ender.



The story about the steps at the last spot is incredible. So Dutch.


Andrew Considine doing it for all the mid 30s skaters out there in that new WKND vid.

Really sick

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Low key kinda shit on AA didn’t he :joy:

Edit: Just a joke before Andrew Allen fans come for my throat

Damn that Shaun Paul part was fucking sick as well!

Sorry for the triple post. Should have done them all in one.

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Love the workmen each shaking his hand in that Shaun Paul part.

Nice interview with him here:


So refreshing to have a section with a proper song on it rather than some boring, royalty free ambient toss. Also the mach 3 noseslide gap out as the penultimate trick is absolutely crackers.


That Sean Paul was fucking rad! Love the Jane Child track as well, A classic, the double kick linndrum bit always gets me. Helped get the “Give me the light…” lyric out of my head when I see the name Sean Paul.
He’s like an amazing Shawn Powers weirdly, no need for SP to exist now I don’t think.


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