The Continually Updated Footage Thread

That filming style won’t make much of a difference if you watch a skate video on your phone, but it will quickly prove annoying on a projector or massive TV. The screen on which you’re supposed to view something has a big influence on how it’s created - IG vs Imax.

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The spirit of Puzzle Jumble sections live on (and I’m pretty sure Antony Lopez has featured in both.
A bit of random clips but things level up around the 3min mark. Took me a minute to understand the opening guy is the ender guy.

New James Cruickshank video :+1:


Nice to see some daytime footage from Japan.

Palace filmer offcuts. Deftones are having a moment. Which feels a weird thing to say in 2022.


Always amazed to see how many spots there are in Paris.

Was that a supreme video?

I feel like nihilism is a real thing with french youth. I can understand when you see the world they live in and the way things are going.


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God tier fit:

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Some nice stuff in that, not sure about the soundtrack though.

So fucking good that Shank edit, his fs nose slide pop out was amazing.

So good to see that amount of Stranger in 2022. And Cards to boot! Stoked.


This is really good.
The backside tailslide…


Yeah that was seriously good all the way through

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More gnarly this time from the Mexican (?) who generated a lot of hype on this year’s Thrasher am scramble, Jhan Carlos Gonzales.
Pretty sure he’s going pro now because this is ridiculous for an amateur full part.
Must say the music had me daydreaming a bit with it’s monotony so I needed to watch twice in a row to take in the real skill level.
The kid has a proper fs 360. The one out of the fountain is Jeremy Wray grade proper.

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