The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Maybe so but there are some cool mashes in there. I guess we can’t all be on the same page regarding everything.

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Weck has done absolutely loads.

Yeah but Weck is an online character, his mindset is already about selling his image.
It’s almost more acceptable to me as it’s his character that is being sold, like if you had Hulk Hogan message you for your birthday. I dunno, it’s complicated haha

Fuck that we had one for free from the Birdman and he charges $250. Can’t beat that deal.

Weck has done 96, so that’s 2400USD in shout outs. Assuming Cameo takes about 25% and then tax after that he’s done maybe 1440USD.

Each video is approx 40 seconds long, so that’s about 64 minutes of work, which equates to about 1375USD an hour, take home pay. Assuming he does a 40 hour week that’s 2080 hours, which means after tax weck earns 2,860,000USD per year.



need to sort new forum edit / meetup really !

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…how comes you’ve taken a month to retort in your round of add a trick but have time for maths gags?


Dude I’m working on it, it’s pissing with rain here and very few undercover car parks


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Actually checked out my work carpark so brace yourself, looks like a flatland spot

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Car parks are the greatest

Pours petrol…

Strikes match…

And go.

Is it your neighbour Franc?

What’s that muck on his top lip?

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Budget Luan.

Ha, it isn’t, no. He’s from the other side of the country. I’ve never met him. I’m not the biggest fan of his skating but I’m sure he’s a good guy.

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ISHOD :heart::heart::heart:


So diplomatic.


i started watching that this morning. the music and trick selection made me switch off fairly quick. he does seem really nice and has definitely got ability but it’s just damn man…why…if he sped up and didn’t pick rubbish tricks he could be alright

He’s very capable but there’s this weird sense of fake steez that I get when I watch him.

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